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“Seeking Truth through Logical Reasoning…”

Joan Winifred

Always intrigued by transformations…recently read (as in this morning;) Yeah, my brain/mind…spirituality need breakfast, duh!:)

As a mathematician, I was trained to calculate the probabilities of events. I had also learned that for life to occur spontaneously, proteins would already have to exist. So I tried to calculate the probability of a protein originating by an unguided process. Proteins are among the most complex molecules known, and living cells can have thousands of different types of proteins interacting in very precise ways. I realized, as others have, that the spontaneous formation of a protein is so improbable that it is essentially impossible! I have not read anything in evolution theory that explains to my satisfaction how these highly complex molecules could, in effect, create themselves—let alone the living systems of which they form an integral part. To me, the facts pointed to a Creator.

Continues to be convinced:

When I give thought to the many elements in nature, I cannot help but believe in a Creator. Currently I design software for computers, and I often feel amazed at how our brain outperforms computer programs. For example, our brain’s ability to recognize speech is mind-boggling. Most of us can easily understand speech, even if it includes incomplete sentences, laughter, coughs, stutters, accents, echoes, background noise, or telephone distortion. You might think this unremarkable. But software designers know otherwise. Even the best speech-recognition software is a far cry from the human brain.

Unlike the most complex computers, our brain can discern emotions, recognize accents, and identify speakers by their voice characteristics. Software designers are researching how computers could mimic the human brain’s ability to recognize speech. I am convinced that in doing so they are actually studying the handiwork of God.

DR. FAN YU began his career as a research mathematician at the China Institute of Atomic Energy, near Beijing. At that time he was an atheist and believed in the theory of evolution. But now Dr. Yu believes that life was designed and created by God. [excerpted: Awake! No. 3 2017 A Software Designer Explains His Faith]

Do i choose to study the handiwork of man? Do i choose to study the handiwork of God?

Neither? Both?

(for me, the handiwork of God is more intriguing in some aspects; 1 reason: man tends to copy/mimic designs already found in nature. And copies are not always as precise/perfect as originals, eh?)


Happy Week-end Transformers:)..yes, we are all growing/changing…transforming: fly butterfly!!:)


3/4/17 @ 9:44 a.m.

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