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Selfie Fail

Joan Winifred


If I can look up my own nose, is that a selfie fail??;)

(actually, my intent: “capture” a photo of a generous gift (from a thoughtful Friend)…i love green and cute jackets/blazers.) this was taken last Thursday night late after 10p.m. and long day..just wanted a quick memory reference..

Grateful for work, long-exhaustive days, encouraging meetings, Thursday nights, generous friends and most things green: kale, broccoli, tea, trees, leaves..and a non-sneezing nose..

{oh, and control (freedom) over any “public” images of myself posted, eh?}

Reader:) For what are You Grateful/Great FULL?! ๐Ÿ™‚


10:06 a.m. 3/10/16

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