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Separated and united

Joan Winifred

It’s interesting to me how choices bring us places. Mine brought me to Florida logistically speaking about 16 years ago. My choices have separated me from some and united me with Others.

It’s sad that loved ones have to be separated by death or by distance. (Or by fear or by belief or by agreement or by disagreement.)

You know that expression the black sheep of the family? (I think/ I feel some of my choices have made me the white sheep of the family or the green sheep of the family.)

Love is the superglue that unites.

Interacting with many from my past here in Massachusetts has me evaluating my life. Honestly, I have no regrets leaving the land of my relatives…behind. I guess ? it’s nice to hear that appearance wise I appear the same after all these years to the observer.  I am NOT the same girl any of these people used to know…

You cannot trust your own thoughts/self-evaluation or trust others’ thoughts/evaluation about yourself…the only being capable of accurate assesment of me would be God.

Eccl 7:1

It”s interesting to me that logistics is not always a unifying force.  People in the same house could be miles apart (in their thinking,              feeling,          etc) and people miles apart could be united in heart and mind.

It’s interesting to me at someone’s death, you learn who loved that person…who really cared. How a group of people can come together even if they have not much in common but the loved one they mourn\celebrate.

Before someone dies, before an opportunity is gone…tell the living you care.  Tell \show fellow fragile life that you love them.

Uniting hearts and minds is an important work of peace:)

I guess 1day I hope to learn, for sure…who really cared, who really loved me…idk, I am an exhausted woman rambling now…unity is a value important to me.

Unity is a work in progress and so am i.


11\20\16 @6:20 a.m.

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