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Shade and shady shades shading…shade

Joan Winifred

This is not a fiction post. I am NOT a fan of fiction.
I’ve read it. I’ve enJOYed it. Practically speaking, non-fiction is where it’s at…for me!

So-called F-i-c-t-i-o-n presented as fact and so-called fact presented as fiction…what’s my description..

(incredibly interesting what FEAR & love (among other things) motivate, eh?)

it’s like margarine vs. butter.

margarine makes me sick…(literally and may be? metaphorically 2…especially? when it’s sold as tastes ‘just like butter!’) IDK, (meaning i’m not completely sure just yet..(how sick).)

Butter is palatable and digestible to my system..
uh-huh, yeah, i am munching on a slice of Tuscan Roasted Garlic Loaf with Butter. yummy w/my black tea with RAW & UNFILTERED HONEY, etc. (Hubby kindly gave me the honey, my neighbor kindly gave me the bread.) sounds fancy? it’s stark (dark? IF that’s all you have to eat, huh? But what IF that’s what you choose to eat?)

That’s FACTS/Truth

raw & unfiltered…un spun!

11 “Cast*(send out) your bread on the waters, for after many days you will find it again.” Ecclesiastes 11:1

10/12/(16) @ 10:12 (a.m.)

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