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Sifting & Separating Fact from Fiction

Joan Winifred

Peaceful Greetings Reader:)…Do You think sifting & separating the FACTS from the fiction is crucial to an accurate education and/or value/belief system?? (IF You choose, You can please leave a comment.) To me: it’s comparable to gold panning. It’s a process to find/acquire gold (aka wisdom). Not everything “shiny” is timely (gold/valuable/practical/relevant or worth my time/life), huh?

There is much spiritual and science fiction to be easily found…sadly, we-fellow-fragile-life sometimes make “important” decisions based on misinformation aka fake stuff packaged with gold wrapping. Thereby– ultimately hurting ourselves and this beautiful planet. i suppose this post is an encouragement of sorts..for all of us NOT TO GIVE UP the quest for accuracy of understanding! (Accuracy of Understanding Keeps Us on The Cramped Road of Life/Compassion.)

(What) do You understand?

HAPPY Learning/Unlearning:)…progressively panning…every day.

For wisdom is a protection just as money is a protection, but the advantage of knowledge is this: Wisdom preserves the life of its owner. (Eccl. 7:12)

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