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Smudge, Kitty-Cat-King (of the Driveway)

Joan Winifred

My cat is purring. My kitty boy invades my space. He’s sitting on the table practically on top of laptop. Leaning in toward me while I gently pat him. Then, outta no where he tries biting me! My reflexes too quick to nibble. (He’s slightly moody. Odd. Fits in well with this family;) He really doesn’t want me touching him too much, just enough to his liking. He wants to be close. Snuggle not suffocate.

Smudge, Kitty-Cat-King…of the driveway. He refuses fiercely! He will not move out of the way of any approaching vehicle in our driveway. Including our mini-van. Totally unafraid, unmoved, unphased.  His eyes speak confidence. No conceit. Without a meow…”You don’t have the guts to drive closer! I know you CANNOT run over this magnificence.” He knows he’s LOVED!:) He knows we cannot smudge the Smudge.

He won’t even flinch as you drive closer faster (or as you get out of the car to pick him up to assist him to safety). My early-sleepy morning fear: backing out of the driveway and not seeing him! I am usually doing a cat/kid/kid/cat check before backing up. He is the king…owns the driveway and I have to respect that!:)

We all have our sensitivities, including cats. Some of us seem odd (myself included), bite (lash out) at imes (or under certain circumstances)…Some of us are territorial or not so much. I respect that.

Sometimes “safety” (and Peace) means respecting Others’ spaces, sensitivities, driveways (boundaries)…roles.

If i don’t wanna roll over (hurt/kill) my cat, I acknowledge his role…as Kitty-Cat-King of the driveway.  Reminded of this verse:

“Honor men of all sorts, have love for the whole association of brothers (the brotherhood), be in fear of God, honor the king.” (1 Peter 2:17)


10/13/16 @ 10:23 a.m.


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