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sniff, sniff puppy

Joan Winifred

As You already know; and am sure already read: Doggie’s have very good sniffers. Some of us humans get a whiff of something…now and again, eh?!

Some whiffs are good, not-so-good, bad and Others nondescript.

smelly? fishy?

i love the smell of honeysuckle and lilac, Hubby’s sweaty-cologne, and something yummy baking or cooking…


My 13 year old is dieing for a doggie. Our two cats…not so much.;)

Came to the realization Sunday…a least favorite activity is mall walking..UGH! Am not a fan of shopping and mall strolling..way worse than a chore for me.

i only like being there for special events…meeting up with Friends, etc. but there was an art event/exhibit my Parents and Aunt wanted me to attend and brought my girls…

there was a talented musician entertaining us so music along with the art(s) made it worth the mall!

i am in the middle of a major organization..(when ain’t i? -lol; spring cleaning, etc)…life with a big family and continually learning/processing and making prompt not hasty application/changes–it’s all organization.

(Abib — busy time for me; usually)

the best parts of life…require constant simplifying aka better/healthier functioning. My POV is man’s mistake in management is always OVERLY complicating things…thereby muddying/missing the mark.

which reminds me of music…

streamlining seems the way to go…only what is necessary.

embellishments and enhancements…can actually take away…

beauty & peace.

pretty & practical living a blessing.

3/19/19 @5:13 p.m.


(is an honest life a simple life?)


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