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comfort Joan Winifred lamentations of the heart

And unfortunately(?)
Coco nut water is not strong enough to take away this pain

Leave me

And filet-errrrs

Misery that cannot be numbed in any legitimate/lawful manner

(Wow, how easy it must be to turn to the weak-artificial escapes)

Other than to grin and bear it
Cold/frozen permafrost
Ice prince…you will not freeze my viens of faith; my hope breathes for me when the task master mercilessly strangles my limp life

bones fighting despondency


Dead flowers

Dried blood

Well of tearsssssssssssssssssssss


Leave me alone losers



(expressed/felt in dark-lonely pit-of-despair filled with sharp-emotional-razor-blades slicing and dicing late/late afternoon?/evening March 6, 2019; glad no actual/literal razor blades close to my typing wrists)


LIFTED by God’s Undeserved Kindness!…especially at Mind Gym …

watched this tonight…goes along with the above…(wasn’t going to publish my temporary but not ‘brief’ enough trip to darkness w/faintly-flickering lights…glowing…yet out of easy grasp in distance)






2/8/19 @ 10:34 p.m.

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