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Soldiering On…always!

compassion Joan Winifred

Soldiering on…what else am i gonna do???

(give up, surrender, get devoured, die?!)

What is the difference between knowledge, understanding, and wisdom? It could be illustrated this way: Imagine you are standing in the middle of a road and a bus is coming toward you. First, you see that it is a bus—that is knowledge. Next, you realize that if you remain standing there, you will be hit by the bus—that is understanding! So you jump out of the way of the bus—that is wisdom! The Bible tells us to “safeguard practical wisdom” because it can save our life!—Proverbs 3:21, 22  My son, do not lose sight of them. Safeguard practical wisdom and thinking ability;22  They will give you life And be an adornment for your neck;”  (excerpted: W December 2014: ‘Listen and Get The Meaning‘ par.5)

The bus is coming straight at…i would NEVER throw You under a/any bus, i’d push You out of the way…(IF need be) i’d take the hit (which i have/and do)!

It is not always easy to understand the pain that others are experiencing. Many people face difficulties that we have never known. Some are challenged physically because of injury, disease, or aging. Others are coping with emotional trials because of depression, panic attacks, or the aftereffects of abuse. Still others are part of a religiously divided  family or a single-parent household. Everyone faces some problem, and often it is one we ourselves have not experienced. In such a case, how can we imitate God’s love? By listening intently until we understand the other person’s feelings, at least to some extent. This will move us to imitate Jehovah’s love by acting according to the need. The need is different with each individual, but we may be able to provide spiritual encouragement and some other practical help.—Read Romans 12:15; 1 Peter 3:8. (My highlights..excerpted: W May 2015: Imitate the One Who Promises Everlasting Life, par. 7)

this (compassion) soldier…may be hurting, scrap(p)ed, bleeding…but, (ultimately) i’ll BE!…(alright).

(published 2/13/15 @7:04 a.m.)

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