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Spiritual Hypothermia

Joan Winifred

Read this “cool” illustration: illustrating “warm” intentions:

“Imagine a hiker who succumbs to exhaustion on a cold winter day. He begins to suffer from hypothermia, and he feels drowsy. If he falls asleep in the snow, he will die. While waiting for a rescue party, his companion occasionally slaps him in the face to keep him awake. The slap may sting, but it could well save his life.” (excerpted reading)

Do i need a (spiritual) slap??

“Should the righteous one strike me, it would be an act of loyal love,” said the psalmist David, and “should he reprove me, it would be like oil on my head.” Psalm 141:15

“The slap may sting, but it could well save his life. Similarly, David recognized that a righteous person might need to give him painful correction for his own good. Love and firmness are needed to produce the desired result.”

correction to help me keep living (and compassionately)!…a slap? hmmm, may be i need a (figurative) kick in the butt -lol;)


9/23/16 @ 11:23 a.m.

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