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standing in line

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i almost drowned



waiting in line;




It just struck me today… as to… (may be)…why?

Could it… (should it) be attributed to: public school training: behavior/controlling/conditioning/teaching of little kids…remember how… kids in public school are taught to get in line; stay in line; be quiet in line; don’t talk to anybody in line; follow the line; (what’s up with all the semi-colons; joanie?!…cause I feel like it!…a looooooong pause…a semi-colon is a wait & i’m always actively waiting on something/someone and/or for someone/something; etc; including, but not limited to: divine intervention)…in line through the halls; in the cafeteria; waiting to leave class; quietly waiting your turn; etc. in school.

(We’ve been public schooled to: shut up! and wait/walk in line.)

Me: Always at the end of any/the line…usually–I happened to be the tallest girl in my age range and/or because my last name was at the end of the alphabet of the entire class…and after a while, despised that…always waiting at the end, the last kid cause not any/too many kids ever, in most of my classes, had last names after mine: w…x, y or z.

Don’t know why teachers couldn’t get/be more organizationally creative… other than keeping my classes/fellow students controlled/arranged alphabetically… last kid to get my books, papers, at back of the class…it taught me patience…and I’ve never had to be or got to be: first for/about anything…that often. (Well, am the first born in my family.)

Is it less pressure being last??…you listen; you watch; you wait; you observe; you learn from observations/those going ahead of you… till it’s: your turn…finally!

i learned to swim young… how young?…7 and under (think). Though, should confirm age…after all these years, my parents wouldn’t remember exactly either. (My Brother/Rob and moi took swimming lessons at the only public pool at Foss Park, Somerville, Massachusetts back then.)

Got dropped off…walked through the changing/locker room.. all ready–had my swimsuit on… at the end of the room heading outside to the pools was this line…so, of course, what do I do??? I get in line; the end of the line, of course.;)

Dummy me should of put 2 and 2 together that the kids in front of me looked a lot bigger/older (that this was OBVIOUSLY not the little kids/beginner’s class)…so, the line winds out and I notice hey… everybody in line eventually gets to the big pool/10 foot pool and JUMPS IN… then gets back out…this jump-in-get-out-exercise continues till it’s joanie’s turn.

Uh-huh…and there I go without ANY hesitation: I jump in WAY over my head!!!

So, I’m sinking fast to the bottom of the 10 ft. pool and looking up at the bright light and bubbles above me… lots of bubbles… wasn’t scared, not panicked nor afraid…remember thinking: HOW do i get back up there…to the top??.. it was quiet/peaceful/bubbly…

Just as I thought that… saw an arm/body approaching me…grabbing me by the back of my suit and yanking me outta the pool!

(THANK GOD for this Life Guard Guy/swimming instructor, eh?) Vaguely, remember him saying something like: you almost drown kid. Your class is over there…you’re too little for the big pool.

What did I do straight away?…went over there with the beginners…and…got in line! -lol:)

Moral of my story: Know where the line takes You…who you’re with…don’t be a quiet follower heading to your drowning/death!

Everybody walks a line… and for someone or something, eh?..(I walk it (both on and off-line) for compassion among other reasons…and I’m not quiet! I know/believe with all my heart/mind: the compassion line eventually leads to life.)

(Make sure IF you have to get in line… you know what you’re getting into or out of.)

Contrasting the ways of the inexperienced with those of the prudent, Solomon says: “Anyone inexperienced puts faith in every word, but the shrewd one considers his steps.” (Proverbs 14:15) The shrewd one is not gullible. Rather than believing everything he hears or letting others do his thinking for him, he considers his steps wisely. Gathering all available facts, he acts with knowledge. ~ excerpted: The Shrewd One Considers His Steps w 05



(p.s. For drowning/injury prevention related reading: Injury Prevention Important!)


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