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Sunday Scootering

Joan Winifred

I had this theory. I had this opinion.
Skateboarding vs Scootering…which is safer?!

Safer for a kid or safer for an adult? -lol…recently picked up a couple scooters for my little girls. (They have had scooters in the past and still have an older one lying (unused) somewhere)…we were out n’ about w/my parents last week?..and stopped at a local ‘Goodwill’…and the girls tested them out great in the store. (The floor is slick n’ smooth for fast flying.) They were having a blast whizzing in n’ out of the aisles, etc..and as an older/relaxed parent..i could care less–they were having fun…plus, they worked hard all day in school and this was play time..just reminded them not to run anyone over and not to get too wild..(not sure IF anyone was offended by their speedy travels through the store)…anyway–as we were getting ready to leave, my little one was getting tired and stopped short and almost tripped…so, i said that’s reached your limit..too tired, you might get hurt now.

i LOVE Sundays…besides the work-out from yard-work…(this past Sunday)…i thought hey, scootering is fun exercise...and my 10 year old daughter invited me Sunday morning (before my yard work) to join her racing up and down our street/side-walk. (She’s 10…before long–she’ll be a teen and most likely–will NOT be inviting me to play/scooter down our street anytime soon.)

OFF WE WENT…What FUN!! Our bumpy road and side-walk takes some scootering skill to keep your balance…Getting around…

My older teens…now 14/16 both had skate boards…when they were much younger and i was a younger/worried and less-experienced parent and would have a heart attack! w/them learning to keep their balance.. all i could think of was head injuries/brain damage…and always reminding about the gear, helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, etc…after a while…never encouraged the younger two to take up was just too much worry work for me with 4 kids and skateboards…(also, growing up an elementary school friend…who had a freak accident in school with a small skateboard thing we used in gym…sadly, she never walked right again and had some type of permanent brain/spine injury for life…and needed crutches to walk. That experience embedded in me a safety alertness around skateboards, etc. and how some life-threatening-life-altering accidents are preventable and needless!)

After yard work and going out, etc…busy, busy Sunday and i’m “tired” by now…and in a long dress…it’s early dusk…we get home and guess what, my 10 year old wants us to scooter together again…’okay, just a few minutes dar-lin’ (hold the g)…i was doing sooo g-ood…till…lol;)…i had a compassion collision…it was our last race back heading toward our home…when i notice on my right…a little, old-fragile-looking lady…come out of her side-door to briefly tend to two adorable kitty-cats eating from bowls in her drive-way (how sweet!)…i split-second-quickly think…i haven’t met this neighbor before…and i’m not going to pass/scooter this opportunity by to say HI (i didn’t want to be a rude scooter-rider:)…instead of “saying” HI (the smarter thing to do)…i attempted to wave HI…oh no, oh yes, i let go of the right handle of my scooter and split-second lost my concentration…and took a dive into her drive-way…i tried clumsily rolling out of it–the fall.  (OH! only IF: i landed in the soft grass nearby!) The woman had already went back into her side-door about as quickly as i simultaneously lost my balance. She didn’t see my wave…not sure if she saw my fall (the kitties may have).  i scraped up my palms and purpled my middle-right toe…that’s what you get for wearing flip-flops…that’s what you get for wearing a long dress…no scraped knees. Is that what you get for being a friendly scooter-rider?! -lol:)

My ten year old helped me up and made sure i was alright…(oh, the daily lessons of compassion and limitations no matter our age)…and working too hard/playing too hard even on Sundays…we scootered back down the street home. i got a lecture from Hubby…about scootering, not wearing sneakers, etc. (He just doesn’t want me hurting myself; needlessly.)

i still feel scooters are safer than skateboards…safety on each…depends on the skill-level of the skaters/riders, eh? Depends on their limitations, eh? Depends on their safety gear, eh? Depends on the terrain/weather, eh? I still think…being friendly can be dangerous -lol;)

i’m still gonna scooter and i’m still gonna say: HI!

HI! Reader:) ..i’m not waving, i’m typing. (writing? a dangerous sport??:)

10/13/15 @ 5:57 p.m.

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