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Joan Winifred

“The lesser luminary for dominating the night,” provided by God as a means for marking “appointed times.” (Ge 1:16;Ps. 104:19; Jer 31:35; 1Co. 15:41) The Hebrew word for “moon” (ya·reʹach) is closely related to the Hebrew word yeʹrach, meaning “lunar month.” Since the lunar month always began with the appearing of the new moon (Heb., choʹdhesh), the term “new moon” also came to mean “month.” (Ge 7:11; Ex 12:2; Isa 66:23) The Greek word se·leʹne is rendered “moon,” while the Greek word men has the idea of a lunar period.— Lu 1:24; Ga 4:10; also Col 2:16;  where ne·o·me·niʹa (new moon) occurs. [excerpted: Moon, Insight Vol 1]

(super-moon marking… appointed time(s))

12/3/17 @ 11:40 p.m.

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