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As a female individual, a firm believer in Truth and True God Yahweh…

An observation: inaccuracies seem to spectrum shallow and SUPERFLUOUS.

I LOVE🙂 this excerpted reading…(partially because simplicity, to me, is an elegant-efficient-organization; a hallmark of humble/true/pure worship/religion v. arrogant/fake/contaminated religion).

(my highlights of readings…lessons from a Great Teacher!🙂)

During his earthly ministry, Jesus was known for teaching important truths in a way that was simple, clear, and easy to understand. (Matt. 7:28, 29-When Jesus finished these sayings, the effect was that the crowds were astounded at his way of teaching,+29 for he was teaching them as a person having authority,+ and not as their scribes.) In the same way, he provided us with a simple yet meaningful way to commemorate*(To commemorate means to do something special in order to remember and honor an important event or person.) his death. Let us consider closely this Memorial meal and some of the things Jesus said and did. We will appreciate even more just how humble, courageous, and loving Jesus really is, and we will learn how we can imitate him more closely.

Jesus introduced the Memorial of his death in the presence of his 11 faithful apostles. He took what was at hand from the Passover meal and made this simple commemoration. (Read Matthew 26:26-28.) He used only the unleavened bread and the wine that were already on hand. Jesus told his apostles that those two basic items symbolized his perfect body and blood, which he would soon offer up in their behalf. The apostles may not have been surprised at the simplicity of this important new meal. Why not?

4. How does the advice that Jesus gave earlier to Martha help us to understand why Jesus kept the Memorial meal simple?

Consider what happened months earlier, during the third year of Jesus’ ministry, when he visited the home of his close friends​—Lazarus, Martha, and Mary. In that relaxed setting, Jesus began teaching. Martha was present, but she was distracted with preparing a large meal for her honored guest. Observing this, Jesus kindly corrected Martha, helping her to see that an elaborate meal was not always necessary. (Luke 10:40-42) Later, with just hours remaining before his sacrificial death, Jesus applied his own counsel. He kept the Memorial meal simple. What does this tell us about Jesus?

5. What does the simplicity of this meal show about Jesus, and how does this harmonize with Philippians 2:5-8?

5In everything that Jesus said and did, he was humble.So it is not surprising that he showed great humility on that last night of his life on earth. (Matt. 11:29) He knew that he was about to offer the greatest sacrifice in human history and that Jehovah would resurrect him to a glorious position in heaven. Even so, he did not draw undue attention to himself by requiring an elaborate observance of his death. Instead, he told his disciples that once a year they should remember him by means of this simple meal. (John 13:15;1 Cor. 11:23-25) The simple but appropriate meal shows that Jesus was not a proud person. We can be happy that humility is one of the outstanding qualities of our heavenly King.​—Read Philippians 2:5-8.

6. How can we imitate Jesus’ humility when we face trials?

How can we imitate Jesus’ humility? By putting the interests of others ahead of our own. (Phil. 2:3, 4) Think back to the final night of Jesus’ earthly life. Jesus knew that he would soon experience a painful death; yet, he was deeply concerned about his faithful apostles, who would soon be grieving for him. So he spent the last night instructing, encouraging, and reassuring them. (John 14:25-31) Jesus humbly showed more concern for the welfare of others than for himself. What an excellent example he set for us!


7. How did Jesus show great courage just after he introduced the Lord’s Evening Meal?

Just after Jesus introduced the Lord’s Evening Meal, he demonstrated tremendous courage. How so? Jesus accepted his Father’s will for him, even though he knew that doing so meant that he would be executed for the shameful crime of blasphemy. (Matt. 26:65, 66; Luke 22:41, 42) Jesus maintained perfect integrity so as to honor Jehovah’s name, uphold God’s sovereignty, and open the way to endless life for repentant humans. At the same time, Jesus prepared his followers for what they would soon face.

Down to modern times, true Christians have sought to commemorate Jesus’ death. They followed the procedure for the Lord’s Evening Meal as best they could, sometimes under difficult conditions. Note the following examples. While in solitary confinement in a Chinese prison, Brother Harold King had to be innovative. He discreetly prepared the Memorial emblems, using what he had on hand. He also calculated the date for the Memorial as carefully as he could. When the time came for the commemoration, he​—alone in his cell—​sang, prayed, and gave a Scriptural talk.

16 Here is another example. A group of sisters imprisoned in a concentration camp during World War II risked their lives to commemorate the Lord’s Evening Meal. However, because of the meal’s simple nature, they were able to observe the Memorial discreetly. They reported: “We stood close together in a circle, in the midst a footstool with a white cloth bearing the emblems. A candle lit the room, as electric light might have betrayed us. . . . We expressed anew our fervent vows to our Father to use all our strength for the vindication of His holy name.” What outstanding faith they showed! And what love Jesus displayed when he made it possible for us to observe the Memorial even under difficult circumstances!

17. What questions might we ask ourselves?

17 As the Memorial approaches, we do well to ask ourselves the following questions: ‘How can I imitate Jesus more closely in showing love? Do I think more about the needs of my fellow[…]than about my own? Do I expect more from […] than they can give, or am I aware of their limitations?’ May we always imitate Jesus and show “fellow feeling.”​—1 Pet. 3:8.

i’ve found: Secular/religious ceremonies…Over-the-top POMP and circumstance and elaborate-showy-fan-fare, super-fancy garb, and overly-complicated-pompous-rituals…YELL “FAKE” to me!!

(Elaborate Lies/Intricate Webs.)

It’s not easy to be a spiritually-minded person…it takes time, research, comparative study of True science and True Spirituality, etc…willingness to be mocked and maltreated; worse. To be individually different and rejected by majority.

Why do a growing number of people consider themselves to be nonreligious? (*the term nonreligious refers to people who either do not belong to an organized religion or do not believe in God.)

Some may be distracted by pleasures or anxieties. (Luke 8:14) Some have become atheists. Others believe in God but think that religion is old-fashioned, irrelevant, and incompatible with science and logical thinking. They may hear friends, teachers, or media personalities say that life evolved, but they rarely hear logical reasons for believing in God. Others are repelled by clergy who are greedy for money and power. In some places, governments officially limit religious activity. [excerpted w July 2019, Reaching the Hearts of Non-Religious People]

i’ve found ‘Truth’  (and genuine displays of love)…demonstrate an elegant simplicity, humility, and sublime beauty…(nature attests to this).

i don’t know of any so-called ‘great’ leaders: religious or secular:  recent past or present: pope or president: on bended knee willingly washing dirty feet (silly joanie;) unrealistic expectation? wash feet when they cannot keep their own hands clean?!), or riding to meet followers on donkey.;) (Do arrogant jack-***** ride…posh, eh?)

18 The requirement to observe the Memorial of Christ’s death will not last much longer. When Jesus “comes” during the great tribulation, he will gather his remaining “chosen ones” to heaven, and the Memorial will cease to be commemorated.​—1 Cor. 11:26; Matt. 24:31. [excerpted reading: What a Simple Meal Teaches Us about a Heavenly King w January 2019]

Whether we are spiritually-minded, religious or non…Jesus ‘simply’ taught the supreme value of courage, love, and humility…worth cultivating.🙂


8:06 p.m. 4/6/19

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