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Surviving Terminal Thrist?

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Always, eh? Yep.

“How Can We Tell If Water Is Pure?”

The folklore that any water a dog will drink is pure enough for his master is unfortunately as baseless as it is charming. The more reasonable assumption that anything your horse will drink is safe for humans is likewise at fault, inasmuch as pollution may be entirely odorless, and a horse’s basis for rejection or acceptance is familiarity of smell.

The fact that natives may assert a water source is pure may mean, instead, that either they have built up a certain degree of immunity or that because of familiarity they cannot believe the water is tainted.

The safest principle in any event is to assume all water is impure until proved otherwise, positively and recently. 

~excerpted How To Stay Alive In The Woods–A Complete Guide to food, shelter, and self-preservation… anywhere by Bradford Angier

Are You my dog??

Are You my horse??

Tell me: How can I accept (choose) what you offer me to drink…(and from a “seemingly” contaminated cup)… is “pure” water… without any evidence of boiling?!?

 My thirst is pure…My water is PURE!!! 🙂

If I want to remain healthy aka safe… would it be wise or foolish to choose to drink first… trust water or boil first then drink?!

Trusting/drinking contaminated water?… is terminal illness (for mind, for body; physically & spiritually)!

Who wants to be terminally ill?

*published 7/08/14 @ 10:57 p.m.


P.s…just read this tonight after writing the above piece:

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