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Joan Winifred

“The very nature of truth is under attack. You may have heard it said that everyone makes his own truth, or that truth is relative, or that truth is ever changing. Such reasoning is flawed. The very goal of research and education is to learn the facts, the truth, about the world in which we live. Truth is not a matter of personal opinion.” ~Imitating the God of Truth

Insight Vol. 2 “Truth”

The Hebrew term ʼemethʹ, often rendered “truth,” may designate that which is firm, trustworthy, stable, faithful, true, or established as fact. (Ex 18:21; 34:6; De 13:14; 17:4; 22:20; Jos 2:12; 2Ch 18:15; 31:20; Ne 7:2; 9:33; Es 9:30; Ps 15:2; Ec 12:10; Jer 9:5) The Greek word a·leʹthei·a stands in contrast with falsehood or unrighteousness and denotes that which conforms to fact or to what is right and proper. (Mr 5:33; 12:32; Lu 4:25; Joh 3:21; Ro 2:8; 1Co 13:6; Php 1:18; 2Th 2:10, 12; 1Jo 1:6, 8; 2:4, 21) A number of other original-language expressions can, depending upon the context, also be translated “truth.”

People search for (and find and have found) treasure (i.e. Gold), Why can’t people search for and find: T.R.U.T.H.

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