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my choices brought me to this place (figuratively and literally)

this proximity?


why? and how? did Your choices

bring You…








distance and closeness choice & chance

(everybody grieves for something/someone…by choice/chance??)

(6/5/17 @ 12:49 p.m. last/previous (before today’s quick edit) edited–published 6/6/17 @ 1:33 p.m.)

a P.S.
to paraphase a loyal man…”i opened my mouth to the True God and cannot turn back”…
i only have the power to move forward!

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Drinking my Medicine

oh yummy!


can you read/sense my sarcastic tone!??


(medicine aka self-discipline/self-control/reality check(s))


i don’t like the taste…much, but hey, i have faith/trust ultimately its good for me.



may be i’d rather feel than be apathetic/complacent.


5/5/17 @ 9:12 p.m.

(had a really good productive day 2/ accomplished a lot! of what i would term “good” mostly known as compassionate stuff)

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High COMPASSION (standards)

BTW: Just because

i may





free will


a manner…exhibiting HIGH respect for life and compassion..

doesn’t make me a perfectionist or over-achiever

may be






A LOT!!! (Hold in Esteem/Value)




the planet



intelligent mind (God of Compassion)



all that is…(created in the Universe and beyond)


4/16/17 @ 5:44 a.m.

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excuse me










self-debugging (essential?)

being reactive



IDK, how many of your words…match your actions? (precisely)

is it

excuse me?


accuse me?

(If i choose to exercise my free will appropriately, i do so within the framework of specific-protective limitations i.e. compassion, ancient wisdom, e.g., Bible-based agape principles, etc.)

definition of free will:  “the capacity and freedom to make our own intelligent choices.”

recent readings:

Is having free will with limits real freedom? Yes, it is! Why can we say that? Limitations put on people’s freedom can protect them. For example, we may exercise our freedom of choice to drive to a distant city. However, would we feel safe traveling on highways where there were no traffic laws, where everyone was free to decide how fast or on which side of the road to drive?

We must humbly acknowledge the truthfulness of the inspired words: “Man’s way does not belong to him. It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step.” (Jer. 10:23) May we never fall into the trap of choosing to rely on our own understanding […]

One of the limitations on our freedom is that we must respect the right that others have to make their own decisions in life. Why? Since we all have the gift of free will, no two […] will always make exactly the same decision.

Remember the principle found at Galatians 6:5 “For each one will carry his own load.” When we recognize that each [..] must “carry his own load,” we will respect the right that others have to use their own gift of free will. [excerpted Treasure Your Gift of Free Will w 2017]

When we misuse/abuse our free will…we can get loaded down/enslaved instead being free. We hurt ourselves and Others. We become slaves to our own preferences, etc. at the detriment of our fellow-fragile-life…we impose, encroach, strip people of their dignity/respect, etc.

The older i get, will be 48 soon…am more aware of my use of free will; i just pray daily (and mediate deeply) that my choices (of words/actions (and study/research so that they are based on accurate knowledge)) big and small are wise and helpful/beneficial (not just to myself, but to all life and the planet).  Any of us with a measure of power or authority or influence (even seemingly minute) over others…can burden and hurt, damage IF not “CARE” FULL!

Please excuse me IF this post is not helpful to You Reader:) EnJOY Your Gift of free will today, but please not at the expense of our global family of fragile-life…THANKS!:) (i will “try” my best to do the same.)

3/14/17 @ 12:14 p.m.

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just checking

how is (my)

i sight?

picking up a pair of spiritual/compassion lenses…may be a necessary







(compassion, etc.)



my fellow-fragile-life…(fragile in the sense of interdependency, etc.)




of some sort…

i know

my small

hands (personal limitations) can’t

do much…(aka as much as i would like)

but a little something

may be better

than a little


“So, then, as long as we have the opportunity (appointed time), let us work what is good toward all…” Galatians 6:10

{what may be good for You–may not be good for me; what may be good for me–may not be good for you}

May be? the ? to ask is:

How Do i (small i not big I) help YOU?

(can human eyes see <3?)


3/14/17 @ 11:54 a.m.

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Let ’em out already, will ya?? PLEASE!

Every moment of every day that i happen to enJOY my relative measure of “freedom”…i know there is Beautiful-Breathing-Fragile-Life…imprisoned unjustly & unfairly somewhere on this planet!:(

Every time i laugh and/or i eat what i want/when i want and/or sleep IF i need to (and at times on a comfy bed w/pillow)…and/or dance to a cool tune or read what i like…or drink my favorite (non-alcoholic beverage, of course) of choice (tea w/honey)…or spend time with a loved one or time engaged in an activity/work of my choosing…i realize some “precious” life out there…is separated/deprived of one and/or any of those “simple” basic pleasures in life…subsisting/surviving aka learning to find contentment/satisfaction with their particular lot (big or small) in this 2015 life era.

As many of us, sufferers of one thing or another, are well aware..not all prisons come with literal bars or cells, huh?…(or specific sentences of judgment or time off for good behavior or any relief/end soon in sight.) Loneliness, heartbreak, misunderstanding/taken out of context/un-under-appreciation…have some of us trapped/bound, huh?

Yeah…is that what it’s all about? MORE…(yeah, more or less)…wanting/needing more and learning to be content with less. (Hey, but less can be more, right?) May be ? more freedom means more (compassionate) responsibility to those who have less freedom.

Questions for contemplation:

(am i abusing/misusing my relative freedom in any shape or form?…Say when i “insist” on my particular preferences, opinions and/or IF i live totally for myself and my own well-being without consideration for/of Others??)

Anyway, to the powers that be (global governments, etc)…“Let ’em out already, will ya?? PLEASE!”  Can’t we all show some mercy?! {Plus, people set themselves up like they are lawgiver, jury and/or judge/punisher…some are constantly judging others by appearance or circumstance, name, label or job or what comes out of their mouth or by what car they happen to drive or the clothes on their back (or the tats on their skin)…so, many are oppressed by burdensome, ridiculous laws/judgments/punishments…but, who’s to say what exactly IS “right” and exactly what IS “wrong”??…to me, that’s the sovereign of the universe’s job/ability and not mine. That’s a YAHWEH/God skill/s and i’m definitely not God/Jehovah!!...(not all knowing, wise/powerful: able to read hearts, tell the future, completely cure through compassion, etc.)..nor do i know anyone’s personal motivation for what they happen to do or not do.} Yet, God, in the Bible (and not in the churches) sets forth “principles” of love/living/compassion that benefit all who humbly choose to practice these agape principles. (Living Agape Love brings Joy in/to any circumstance (of relative freedom).

The UN Human Rights Committee has condemned the government of South Korea for the arbitrary detention of conscientious objectors and for violating their right to freedom of conscience. This is the fifth decision that the Committee has issued against South Korea for imprisoning conscientious objectors, but for the first time it finds their imprisonment “arbitrary.” 

By its arbitrary detention of conscientious objectors, South Korea is clearly out of step with international jurisprudence and practice on this issue.

Since 1950, South Korea has imprisoned 18,163 Jehovah’s Witnesses for their conscientious objection to military service and has failed to resolve the issue.

  • Currently imprisoned: 628
  • Newly imprisoned each month: 40
  • Total years Witnesses imprisoned: 35,022

Figures above as of February 2, 2015 (excerpted: article W February 2015, South Korea Guilty of Arbitrary Detention of Conscientious Objectors)

How am i using my freedom today…?? (For selfish purposes (arbitrarily) or selfless purposes (compassionately)?)

(i cannot live for myself only! when/while Fellow-Fragile-Life continues in unfair/inhumane bondage/slavery globally!

Just tryin’ to practice unselfishness…it doesn’t come easy.)


(published 2/26/15 @ 3:54 p.m.)

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Anti-Torture Tactics

It’s super sad to become aware of any form of abuse (aka: wanton disrespect or crimes against compassion) toward fellow-breathing-fragile-life!:(

Torture–a terrible topic…1 on-line dictionary description: “torture”

: the act of causing severe physical pain as a form of punishment or as a way to force someone to do or say something

: something that causes mental or physical suffering : a very painful or unpleasant experience anguish of body or mind :  agony

:  the infliction of intense pain (as from burning, crushing, or wounding) to punish, coerce, or afford sadistic pleasure
Compassion–a terrific topic…1 on-line dictionary description: “compassion”
Compassion denotes a sympathetic awareness of another’s suffering or adversity combined with a desire to alleviate it. Like the warm rays of the bright sun, compassion can soothe a distressed life, lessen pain, and lift the spirits of an afflicted person.
Questions for Consideration: Do i/we live under a compassionate government? Am i/we pledging allegiance to a compassionate government? Am i/we ultimately supporting torture or compassion by our choices? (Am i/we promoting peace?)
Bad/non-compassionate government(s) can certainly break bones…literally…however, good/compassionate government can break bones while not breaking bones…
Because of the strong construction of bones, Proverbs 25:15 says concerning the power of patience and kind words to overcome stiff, firm opposition: “By patience a commander is won over, And a gentle/mild tongue can break a bone.” ~excerpt: Insight on Scriptures: Bones (Further related reading please see: Breaking (bad/hard) bones without breaking bones: it’s Silly Putty!
All of us have some power/influence over others…unloving the way some choose to coerce others into cooperation by means/methods of torture.  Current media events/times cause me to ask: (my choices (can) speak loudly): are my choices/words screaming: “Torture!” or ANTI-TORTURE!”  
Can’t we all employ anti-torture tactics: (my highlights)
Compassion has the power to maintain harmony and to contribute to the resolving of conflict or friction. It helps to clear up misunderstandings, and it paves the way for forgiveness. Misunderstandings may occur because we do not always express our thoughts or feelings as we wish we had, or our actions might be misinterpreted. Here compassion comes to the rescue and helps to preserve peace. It is easy to forgive a person who is known for being compassionate. Compassion helps us to measure up to Paul’s counsel: “Continue putting up with one another and forgiving one another freely if anyone has a cause for complaint against another.”—Colossians 3:13.~excerpt: Become Tenderly Compassionate w 07
We are all traveling in (this) life…some of us are driving really broken-down cars with toxic emissions (aka: ways of thinking/living/doing that impede/hinder/slow down our compassion growth which endanger/hurt/kill ourselves and others)…
Whatcha driving??

  (a compassion car driving safe?) Going my way? GREAT!🙂
published 12/15/14 @ 12:05 p.m.
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Here we go again: Lab Rats at work?

British scientists have announced that an Icelandic mollusk thought to be about 405 years old was actually 507 years old at its untimely death in 2006. This makes it the longest-lived animal * on record. The clam died when researchers froze it in order to transport it to their lab.

* Here the term “longest-lived animal” excludes colonial organisms, such as coral, which are thought to have lived for thousands of years. ~excerpted: Watching the World (Awake! December 2014)

(Lab) Rats aka rodents? /breathing-fragile-life hurting mice/rodents/breathing-fragile-life year: 2014 (for context please see: Didn’t You know: Real People have Real Ribs & for tickling…sometimes.) and lab rats freezing/killing off the longest-lived animal: year 2006…Gimme a break… or actually: lab rats “GIVE it a break!! PLEASE.
Yeah, untimely things happen (and have happened from 2006-2014)…so, man needs to take looooooooooooooooooooooooong timed timely-time out… aka stop hurting life and the planet… in time: for the sake of life/the planet!! Because:
“man has dominated man to his injury.” (Ecclesiastes 8:9)
Is man “cruel” convinced they qualify for/own the “license” to do whatever they want with whatever they want: where/whenever to whomever they want…??

Humble man “kind” knows modesty/its limitations and “manners”… and that “needs” are more important than wants…”GIVE”…all life what they truly “need” thereby sustaining (and not TAKING) life short-long term!

For related context on wildlife please read: Cageless Breathing-Fragile-Life: Zoo Miami Excerpted:

Personally, i’m not too into ‘interfering’ too much with the goings-on of Breathing-Fragile-Life/wildlife/animals…i like to let things be (when/if possible)…for fear, i would somehow damage their fragile eco-system(s)…thereby, cutting short their fragile life!  i kinda believe in gentle observation and/or gentle help/participation IF needed (and probably not needed by me -lol)…not trampling down/bulldozing my way into their space…so, i’m t-o-r-n in my feelings/thinking about what kind of participation/involvement i choose when it comes to wildlife…i totally RESPECT life and am not a big fan of man imposing his ideas of treatment on wildlife…which often lead to abuse.

 If all of us learners, could go about “learning” aka “living” with “manners” 🙂 …aka compassionate/loving “ways” of living in a kind/respectful/modest/patient and less aggressive mode, would all of us live/learn longer?!
Too bad the longest living animal isn’t around to answer, eh?
(published 9/25/14 @ 9:49 p.m.)
 P.S. Will man “cruel” take responsibility/accountability for their death-dealing, untimely, and
non-compassionate actions? i.e. choosing to apologize/change or clam up??
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standing in line

i almost drowned



waiting in line;




It just struck me today… as to… (may be)…why?

Could it… (should it) be attributed to: public school training: behavior/controlling/conditioning/teaching of little kids…remember how… kids in public school are taught to get in line; stay in line; be quiet in line; don’t talk to anybody in line; follow the line; (what’s up with all the semi-colons; joanie?!…cause I feel like it!…a looooooong pause…a semi-colon is a wait & i’m always actively waiting on something/someone and/or for someone/something; etc; including, but not limited to: divine intervention)…in line through the halls; in the cafeteria; waiting to leave class; quietly waiting your turn; etc. in school.

(We’ve been public schooled to: shut up! and wait/walk in line.)

Me: Always at the end of any/the line…usually–I happened to be the tallest girl in my age range and/or because my last name was at the end of the alphabet of the entire class…and after a while, despised that…always waiting at the end, the last kid cause not any/too many kids ever, in most of my classes, had last names after mine: w…x, y or z.

Don’t know why teachers couldn’t get/be more organizationally creative… other than keeping my classes/fellow students controlled/arranged alphabetically… last kid to get my books, papers, at back of the class…it taught me patience…and I’ve never had to be or got to be: first for/about anything…that often. (Well, am the first born in my family.)

Is it less pressure being last??…you listen; you watch; you wait; you observe; you learn from observations/those going ahead of you… till it’s: your turn…finally!

i learned to swim young… how young?…7 and under (think). Though, should confirm age…after all these years, my parents wouldn’t remember exactly either. (My Brother/Rob and moi took swimming lessons at the only public pool at Foss Park, Somerville, Massachusetts back then.)

Got dropped off…walked through the changing/locker room.. all ready–had my swimsuit on… at the end of the room heading outside to the pools was this line…so, of course, what do I do??? I get in line; the end of the line, of course.;)

Dummy me should of put 2 and 2 together that the kids in front of me looked a lot bigger/older (that this was OBVIOUSLY not the little kids/beginner’s class)…so, the line winds out and I notice hey… everybody in line eventually gets to the big pool/10 foot pool and JUMPS IN… then gets back out…this jump-in-get-out-exercise continues till it’s joanie’s turn.

Uh-huh…and there I go without ANY hesitation: I jump in WAY over my head!!!

So, I’m sinking fast to the bottom of the 10 ft. pool and looking up at the bright light and bubbles above me… lots of bubbles… wasn’t scared, not panicked nor afraid…remember thinking: HOW do i get back up there…to the top??.. it was quiet/peaceful/bubbly…

Just as I thought that… saw an arm/body approaching me…grabbing me by the back of my suit and yanking me outta the pool!

(THANK GOD for this Life Guard Guy/swimming instructor, eh?) Vaguely, remember him saying something like: you almost drown kid. Your class is over there…you’re too little for the big pool.

What did I do straight away?…went over there with the beginners…and…got in line! -lol:)

Moral of my story: Know where the line takes You…who you’re with…don’t be a quiet follower heading to your drowning/death!

Everybody walks a line… and for someone or something, eh?..(I walk it (both on and off-line) for compassion among other reasons…and I’m not quiet! I know/believe with all my heart/mind: the compassion line eventually leads to life.)

(Make sure IF you have to get in line… you know what you’re getting into or out of.)

Contrasting the ways of the inexperienced with those of the prudent, Solomon says: “Anyone inexperienced puts faith in every word, but the shrewd one considers his steps.” (Proverbs 14:15) The shrewd one is not gullible. Rather than believing everything he hears or letting others do his thinking for him, he considers his steps wisely. Gathering all available facts, he acts with knowledge. ~ excerpted: The Shrewd One Considers His Steps w 05



(p.s. For drowning/injury prevention related reading: Injury Prevention Important!)


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7 = ?

1. How can i possibly go on, IF You don’t let me be?!

2. How can i continue to carry this burden of compassion/torture (faithfully)?

3. How do i finish anything, i start, with unrelenting interruptions?

4. When i can’t run, HOW do i keep up with Your increasing demands??

5. When i run out of tears, how will i cry… for You??

6. When will my (infinite) love stop growing? (never)

7. Why do i care what You think of me, when You’re (OBVIOUSLY) not thinking of me?

“the things impossible with men are possible with God.” (Luke 18:27)

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