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Worth: words & duties

Excerpt: Wordsworth, 1807

“Stern Daughter of the Voice of God!

O Duty! if that name thou love

Who are a light to guide, a rod

To check the erring, and reprove;”

11/08/18 @ 2:40 p.m.

What are my words worth??
Ain’t much without love…

An educated ancient writer who was an astute observer of human nature likened a gifted but loveless individual to “a sounding piece of brass or a clashing cymbal.” (1 Corinthians 13:1) Such people may become wealthy, even famous, but never truly happy.

ode of love

Yet, modern society, especially its media and popular role models, often places more emphasis on wealth, power, fame, and sex than on the human need for warm, loving relationships. Many educators stress secular goals and careers, defining success primarily in those terms. True, education and the cultivation of one’s talents are important, but should they be pursued so single-mindedly that one has no time for family and friends? [excerpted reading reference: Love is Indispensable w03 7/1 p.3] (my highlight)

So sad🙁 another (loveless?) violent event…acknowledging yet another mass shooting here in the U.S.A. and according to 3+ sources: USA Today: 307 mass shootings in 311 days of 2018; Business Insider: 307; and:

According to the website Gun Violence Archive, more than 12,000 people have been killed by firearms in the US so far this year, including about 3,000 people under 18.

That number does not include an annual estimate of 22,000 suicides via firearm.

In the last two weeks alone, a man shot dead two people yoga studio in Florida, and another gunman opened fire on a synagogue in Pittsburgh, killing 11. []

Hegel…“peoples and governments never have learned anything from history, or acted on principles deduced from it.”

Do people in general like to have their equals tell them how to live or which moral values to live by? Do people like others to dictate how they should view such things as abortion or capital punishment or how they should discipline their children? These are just some of the issues that divide people. So, humbling though it might be, what the Bible says makes sense. We simply do not have the ability or the moral authority to rule over our fellow humans. Where, then, can we turn for help?

The most reasonable answer is for us to turn to our Creator. After all, he made us! And contrary to what some may think, he has not forgotten us. In fact, his concern for us is revealed in the wisdom found in the Bible. When we understand that unique book, we also understand ourselves better. And we can make sense of mankind’s sad history.

“It does not belong to man . . . even to direct his step.” (Jeremiah 10:23) [excerpted and further reading: Getting to The Root of Our Problems AWAKE! 2019] (my purple highlight)

What has happened to the fundamental duty of loving our fellow-man??

11/8/18 @ 5:48 p.m.


Ode to Duty:

To humbler functions, awful Power!
I call thee: I myself commend
Unto thy guidance from this hour;
Oh, let my weakness have an end!
Give unto me, made lowly wise,
The spirit of self-sacrifice;
The confidence of reason give;
And in the light of truth thy Bondman let me live!
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