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brains?? yep, get some brains joanie…already got heart, huh? 😉

where do i go for brains?! (to the doctor’s?)

(heading there tomorrow for burn-wound check-up)…let’s hope my raw is healing, okay. This precarious injury is more than nuisance. Am trying to keep positive–however–have had my intense moments. It’s a challenge trying to maneuver around/walk. Application of salve and bandage changings–excruciating. (Thankful for Chato’s care!) My affected area is ULTRA-sensitive.


(this Beautiful Being (Gaelynn Lea) inspires me.)

Encouraging readings: “Causes of Human Suffering” w  No.3 2018:

God’s Word, the Bible, reveals three main causes for mankind’s suffering:

Selfishness, Greed, and Hatred. “Man has dominated man to his harm.” (Ecclesiastes 8:9) People often suffer because they are victimized by imperfect, selfish, or cruel humans.

Time and Unforeseen Events. Humans often suffer “because time and unexpected events overtake them.” (Ecclesiastes 9:11) That is, people are simply at the wrong place at the wrong time, accidents occur, or people are careless or make mistakes.

The Evil Ruler of the World. The Bible clearly identifies the primary cause of human suffering. It states: “The whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one.” (1 John 5:19) That “wicked one” is Satan the Devil, a powerful spirit creature who was originally an angel of God but “did not stand fast in the truth.” (John 8:44) Other spirit creatures joined Satan and rebelled against God in order to pursue selfish desires, thus making themselves demons. (Genesis 6:1-5) Ever since their rebellion, Satan and his demons have exerted a powerful and cruel influence over this world’s affairs. This has been particularly so in our time. Now, the Devil has great anger and “is misleading the entire inhabited earth,” which has resulted in “woe for the earth.” (Revelation 12:9, 12) Indeed, Satan is a brutal dictator. He gets perverse satisfaction from human suffering. It is Satan​—not God—​who causes people to suffer.

CONSIDER: Only a heartless, diabolical evildoer would cause innocent people to suffer. By contrast, the Bible says: “God is love.” (1 John 4:8) In harmony with his loving personality, “it is unthinkable for the true God to act wickedly, for the Almighty to do wrong!”​—Job 34:10.

why? should i use? (waste??) my time studying sick/unhealthy/messed up minds?!

this ‘manifested‘ reality– since 1914– is a result of a messed up mad-demonic-mind. (And by those under Demonic/Negative influence?)

oh yeah, our great technological advancements…lead to ‘true’ love?! ‘enduring’ peace?! ‘everlasting’ health?!

For me, convinced the study of a perfect/fully-functioning-healthy mind is good for me because i wanna be good/compassionate…and what said mind manifests: speaks and accomplishes is of immense interest to me..i.e. what Jesus thought, spoke, lived, and taught. (An-Agape-Love-Living-Selfless-Success-Story-worthy-of-intense-evaluation/emulation.)

For we are overturning reasonings and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God, and we are bringing every thought into captivity to make it obedient to the Christ; (2 Corinthians 10:5)

the proper use of technology…does it lead to the/a ‘real’ life??

am very much looking forward to (hopefully;) i’ll be better by then) an upcoming/intriguing FREE special Bible talk (given in thousands of locations around the world)…Hope You are able to attend wherever on this Earth You:) Dear Reader happen to be…April 14th.

Talk title: Reach Out for the Real Life!


(my pain, etc, etc, etc, management ramblings finished?!…for now. 🙂 plus, wanna watch an archaeology show: Egypt Live.)

Thanks for reading. Take Care. Be Careful. 

4/07/19 @ 7:46 p.m.

seems smart to me: using whatever brains i have: to follow fully-functioning-mind(s)…manifesting unselfish-agape-love.:)

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Ouch/hot!…am experiencing a 2nd degree burn on my back right leg. First on front upper leg… blistered right thumb, left ring finger and left baby finger.

Still feeling stinging…since 9:45 a.m. Took ER prescribed med and salve should be working, huh?

Short, stupid, story…freaky, brief, accident.

Trying my imperfect best to do the right thing…and…

It just stinks! cause i have so MUCH Work and stuff to accomplish…i don’t want to have to take time off to recup!


it could be worse…thankful. (I feel for all who are truly suffering with horrific burns, etc.)

writing helps me heal…and time to reflectively/prayerfully meditate and learn…probably a necessary lesson for me.

Please Reader…Be Safe & Careful & Vigilant!🙂

THANKFUL to All who tried/did help me feel better today.:)

4/3/19 @ 3:23 p.m.

p.s. this is not a sympathy post…coping…and contemplating:

He does not go back on his promise, even when it is bad for him.​—Ps. 15:4.

and 911…Eccl. 9:11: I have seen something further under the sun, that the swift do not always win the race, nor do the mighty win the battle,+ nor do the wise always have the food, nor do the intelligent always have the riches,+ nor do those with knowledge always have success,+ because time and unexpected events*overtake them all.
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