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Not Ordinary (Part 1)

These are not ordinary times in which we live/breathe/exist…
to put one’s own whims, agendas, preferences, and “so-called” personal happinesses..comforts
ahead and above everything/everyone else…
is to naively
and blindly
miss out on
the big picture! (issues of sovereignty)

some of us…mature ones aka spiritually discerning ones…realize/appreciate…there are make it and/or break it…important times in life/history/reality when one’s own (personal/individual) desires, wants, gratification, immediacy…need and have to be put aside for the much greater good…

how deep is your love?
how deep is your compassion?

extraordinary love & compassion required!:)

(Let True Compassion Reign/Rule You aka True God of Compassion and Agape Love…it’s the only pathway to peace/the only way to survive the pelting/harsh rain/reign of cruelty aka man’s selfish-self-rule…
hurting humanity and the planet!:(

8/19/17 @ 8:03 p.m.

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Spiritual Development


on-line definition:

the act or process of growing, progressing, or developing

the product or result of developing

a fact, event, or happening, esp one that changes a situation

All life starts out…with end goal of maturation (and beyond). Innumerable challenges/variables serve as catalysts/obstacles to pace/progress. Time/timing and seen/unforeseen events effect/affect us all immeasurably. Physical growth/development can be charted (somewhat). What about spiritual growth/development (say from birth onward)?!

Recent readings/studies…on a favorite topic “love” is a major player in development.

PARENTS love to see their newborn baby smile. They often put their faces close to that of the infant, cooing and smiling expressively. They are eager to see a response. And before long, it comes—the baby’s cheeks dimple, the lips curl, and a delightful smile appears. In its own small way, that smile seems to express affection, the dawning love of the baby in response to the love of the parents.

2 The baby’s smile reminds us of something important about human nature. Our natural response to love is love. That is simply the way we are made. (Psalm 22:9: You were the One who brought me out of the womb, The One who made me feel secure on my mother’s breasts.)

As we grow, we mature in our ability to respond to love. Perhaps you can recall from your own childhood how your parents, relatives, or friends expressed love for you. In your heart a warm feeling took root, grew, and blossomed into action. You showed your love in return. Is a similar process unfolding in your relationship with Jehovah God?

What It Means to Love God

  1. In what way are people confused about what it means to love God?

4 Jehovah, the Originator of love, well knows that love has immense power to bring out the best in others. So despite the persistent rebelliousness of unfaithful mankind, he has remained confident that some humans would respond to his love. And, indeed, millions have. Sadly, though, the religions of this corrupt world have left people confused about what it means to love God. Countless people say that they love God, but they seem to think that such love is merely a feeling to be expressed in words. Love for God may begin that way, just as a baby’s love for his parents may first show itself in a smile. In mature people, however, love involves more.

  1. How does the Bible define love of God, and why should that definition appeal to us?

5 Jehovah defines what it means to love him. His Word says: “This is what the love of God means, that we observe his commandments.” Love of God, then, needs to be expressed in action. Granted, many do not find the thought of obedience appealing. But the same verse kindly adds: “And yet [God’s] commandments are not burdensome.” (1 John 5:3) Jehovah’s laws and principles are designed to benefit us, not to oppress us.

Isaiah 48:17, 18:

“This is what Jehovah says, your Repurchaser, the Holy One of Israel:

“I, Jehovah, am your God,

The One teaching you to benefit yourself,

The One guiding you in the way you should walk.

18 If only you would pay attention to my commandments!

Then your peace would become just like a river

And your righteousness like the waves of the sea.”

God’s Word is full of principles that help us draw closer to him. (excerpted: “Draw Close to God, and He Will Draw Close to You” cl chap. 31)

Questions for Consideration:

Is my love immature? mature?

Am i helping to bring out the best in Others?

Freely smiling is important, but does my compassion for humanity prompt me to take further positive action(s)?

Is my personal peace freely flowing like a river?

Is my compassion like the waves of the sea?

{immaturity (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) thinks, speaks and acts one way–maturity thinks, speaks and acts one way…immaturity does not behave/express like maturity neither does maturity behave/express like immaturity.}

All life (all of us)…in various stages of development: immaturity/maturity…so, compassion and forgiveness and patience is a MUST, eh? 🙂

(published 10/2/15 @ 11:50 a.m.)


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Joan Winifred love

Mercy Me Mister Mister


Chato and Jr
my boys…1 turned 16 (L-P) another 44 (Chato) (this March 18th & 22nd, 2015). Double cuteness!:)

“Kyrie Eleison”…Greek for: “Lord Have Mercy!”

Both of them/Gifts from God (Hubby & Our Son)…have taught me so MUCH for which i’m THANKFUL! Lessons of Love/Mercy!:)

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Preserving Self vs. Sacrificing Self

Stuff i’ve studied about compassion (& have learned through my (limited) life experience thus far of 45 years) brings me to this way of thinking/speaking/writing:…when a person is truly into (genuinely) helping somebody else, no matter who they are, no matter their status (or lack thereof) matter their gender/background/education/reputation, etc…when a person is willing to push aside their own well-being, etc. for somebody else’s good…that’s pure compassion at work.. when you ultimately take the risk and throw yourself under the bus, or knowingly run into the burning building to save somebody–knowing ahead of time you will suffer for it or be burned (say when you give away or share your last morsel of food/bread)…yeah, that’s a true/loyal friend!!...somebody who loves You more than they love their own name, position, status, reputation, etc. When someone is more concerned about the best interests of the other and not only/just looking out for themselves/preserving self…when a person willingly goes there to the difficult place/the non-comfort zone of self-sacrifice/pain/suffering for somebody else…and knowing (partially or completely) they will be hurt, abused or ridiculed/killed by helping, speaking out, taking action, etc. to me: that’s the ultimate description of what pure compassion means.

Does my compassion/love pass this test?

No one has love greater than this, that someone should surrender his soul in behalf of his friends.” (John 15:13)

What am i/You willing to surrender for my/Your friends?

There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts* (or drives) fear out, because fear restrains us. Indeed, the one who is fearful has not been made perfect in love. (1John 4:18)

Courage & Compassion walk hand-in-hand!:)

(3/20/15 @ 11:51 a.m. published)

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Family of Fragile Life

Racism is (a terrible topic) beyond my understanding/comprehension…probably because of my family upbringing and background/education. I was raised in a family where fragile life of all backgrounds/races/cultures were appreciated, accepted and loved. One race was never elevated over another. We all belong to the same race: HUMAN!:) (I was taught to treat Others from varying places/cultures/countries as my global brother or sister since childhood.) So, I’ve really been privileged to have many beautiful friends/family from all over the place…which I’ve learned/benefitted a lot from their various experiences/cultures.

Today, I was reading an article in Huffington Post about twins that look different, of course, got my brain/dendrites connecting to stuff/readings of the past on this topic of global family. For example:

Discoveries in genetics have confirmed the fallacy of racism. Researchers studying people from different continents have found that the differences in DNA between any two randomly chosen individuals from virtually anywhere in the world amounted to about 0.5 percent. * And 86 to 90 percent of those differences occurred within any one racial group. Therefore, just 14 percent or less of the 0.5 percent variation occurred between racial groups.

*The relatively few genetic differences between humans may, however, be significant medically, for some diseases appear to have a genetic link.

Because “humans are genetically homogeneous,” says the journal Nature, “genetics can and should be an important tool in helping to both illuminate and defuse the race issue.” (excerpted: AWAKE! 2009 We Are All One Family)

So, science combats racism…yet it persists (and why is that?) alone, obviously, is NOT enough to do away with racism! Brain/head knowledge/scientific fact is not enough. Here’s where spirituality/heart fact is significant in eliminating racism:

The heart, or the inner person, must also be reached. “Out of the heart come wicked reasonings,” said Jesus Christ.—Matthew 15:19, 20.

The Bible’s Viewpoint

The Bible was written to appeal to the heart. For example, in addition to stating the scientific truth that “[God] made out of one man every nation of men, to dwell upon the entire surface of the earth,” the Bible also says: “God is not partial, but in every nation the man that fears him and works righteousness is acceptable to him.” (Acts 10:34, 35; 17:26) Does that not warm your heart toward God?—Deuteronomy 32:4.

(Yahweh) Jehovah God wants us to show that we love him by becoming like him. “Become imitators of God, as beloved children, and go on walking in love,” says Ephesians 5:1, 2. “Walking in love” includes loving people as God does, regardless of their skin color or ethnicity.—Mark 12:31 (my highlights excerpted: AWAKE! 2009 article: We Are All One Family!)

How am i treating my family (fellow-fragile-breathing-life) today??

(IF we hurt family, we are ultimately hurting ourselves, eh?)

“All things . . . that you want men to do to you, you also must do to them.”—Matthew 7:12

Am i being Loving? Kind? Forgiving? Compassionate? Considerate? Respectful? Thankful? Helpful? Patient? 🙂


(published 3/3/15 @ 10:44 a.m.)

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Breathing-Fragile-Life Joan Winifred love

The LOVE Addict

Every breathing thing has to have:



survive…(happily thrive).

Oh, YES, there are different forms/descriptions of “love” i.e. agape aka “healthy” love…(and i don’t buy into the exploitation of this natural-living-need-of-love by big business & big religion e.g., Valentine’s Day…boxes of chocolates & bouquets of roses getting/giving on a particular day. For some context: please see: Love, Flowers & Chocolates). (i dislike with a passion being taken out of context, do You?)

Believe me, i stop to smell the roses (and perhaps enJOY some chocolate) every day…(when/IF i choose cause i’m in control of my emotions and eating choices: Thank You!)

Have You Considered? ….(that)….big religion, big business, big media and big tradition are conditioning/turning the (emotionally/psychologically) vulnerable masses into addicts (of 1 sort or another)?!

People’s brains, pocketbooks, mouths, bellies, times, relationships…enslaved.

“You are scrupulously observing days and months and seasons and years.” (Galatians 4:10)

Big Business & Big Religion want You to accept/believe: You can’t have a good time or feel good or feel loved unless…You celebrate this particular holiday or get this particular token of affection, etc., etc., or eat this candy/chocolate on February 14th…What do You Think? How do You Exist? Are You Superstitious?

Am i free? Am i enslaved? Am i an addict? (And to What?)

(published 2/17/15 at 10:45 a.m.)

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Atom Smashing IS Heart Healing

Books, books and more books. Authors, authors and more authors.

Clever humans can write books that only “wise and intellectual ones” can grasp. But to author a book that can be understood only by those having the right heart motivation—that takes the wisdom of God!—Matthew 11:25.

What is my heart motivation? (only i can “honestly” answer myself, eh?)

 The way in which the Bible is written serves to test what is in our heart. Hebrews 4:12 says: “The word [or, message] of God is alive and exerts power and is sharper than any two-edged sword and pierces even to the dividing of soul and spirit . . . and is able to discern thoughts and intentions of the heart.”…

(to me, joanie, sounds like the ultimate atom smasher, eh?…to divide thoughts of the brain and intentions of the heart!)

When physicists first began using accelerators in the 1950s and1960s, they discovered hundreds of particles smaller than the three well-known subatomic particles — protons, neutrons and electrons. As bigger accelerators were built, ones that could provide higher energy beams, more particles were found. Most of these particles exist for only fractions (less than a billionth) of a second, and some particles combine to form more stable composite particles. Some particles are involved in the forces that hold the nucleus of the atom together, and some are not. In examining this complicated picture, a standard model of the atom has emerged.

According to this model, matter can be divided into the following building blocks:

  • Fermions – subatomic particles that make known matter and antimatter matter leptons – elementary particles that do not participate in holding the nucleus together (examples – electron, neutrino) quarks – elementary particles that do participate in holding the nucleus together anti-matter – counter-particles of quarks and leptons (anti-quarks, anti-leptons)
  • Hadrons – composite particles (examples – proton, neutron)
  • Bosons – particles that carry forces (four known types) excerpted: How Atom Smashers Work by Craig Freudenrich, Ph.D.

The Bible’s message pierces deep, revealing our true thinking and motives. Those who read it with a critical heart are often stumbled by accounts that do not contain enough information to satisfy them.

When you write a letter to a loved one, there is only so much you can include. So you use discretion in choosing what to write. Likewise, Jehovah God chose to mention certain individuals and events in his Word. But in these descriptive accounts, the Bible does not always spell out all the details. (John 21:25) For example, when the Bible tells of God’s judgment, the information provided may not answer our every question. Jehovah’s wisdom is seen even in what he chose to leave out of his Word. (excerpts: Draw Close to God, chptr 18: The Wisdom in the Word of God…my highlights)

Do i have to spell it/(smash it) out for Ya??;)

Love letters are usually understood by the people in love…the quarky…i mean quirky language, the nuanced words, etc., etc., the symbolism…basically, those with a pure/sincere/humble heart aka right heart motivation and o-p-e-n mind…understand the (deep) message of the Bible or aka the truth of its loving content/context (and benefit by its application)…which has been described by some as a letter of love w/instructions…(from a Heavenly Father to His Children) to help them grow to spiritual maturity/succeed/live long. They would then take this “heart” message of love/peace and share/show/demonstrate/teach TRUE love to all!:)

LOVE behaves/is: humble/patient/forgiving, etc.

What if we were to think that we are better than others because of our [..] abilities or privileges or because of the failures and weaknesses of others? We should quickly dismiss such thoughts, for the Scriptures say: “Love is patient; love is kind and envies no one. Love is never boastful, nor conceited, nor rude; never selfish, not quick to take offence. Love keeps no score of wrongs; does not gloat over other men’s sins, but delights in the truth.”—1 Cor. 13:4-6, The New English Bible. (excerpt: Watch Out for the Leaven of the Pharisees)

What is the “quality”/(particles) of my love and what is it building/what is it smashing?!

(published 1/12/2015 @ 6:34 p.m.)

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Thinking about: What, Where and Who?

I was thinking about…


–You :)–

and then thought


Why let myself/my mind/my heart…..go……………………………………………………….there/their

to (a) place(s)

i “may” never come back from


(emotionally or otherwise)


believe me please (aka it’s true)





probably/potentially (already) am

s~l~o~w~l~y (and otherwise)

of (a)

broken/mostly MENDED Heart…

THANK GOD…i am FIXED!…as in: (according to an on-line identity/description/definition of “fixed”)

fastened, attached, or placed so as to be firm and not readily movable; firmly implanted;
rendered stable or permanent, as color.
set or intent upon something; steadily directed: a fixed stare.
definitely and permanently placed: a fixed buoy; a fixed line of defense.
not fluctuating or varying; definite: a fixed purpose.
(You know: “eyes on the prize”)

i can only


for now…(and)


in fixing/healing



i’m a fully functioning mind:  (aka absolute compassion (among other things))


this is what i’m thinking:

“Finally, brothers, whatever things are true, whatever things are of serious concern, whatever things are righteous, whatever things are chaste/pure, whatever things are lovable, whatever things are well-spoken-of, whatever things are virtuous, and whatever things are praiseworthy, continue considering/or thinking about/meditating on these things.” (Philippians 4:8)

Plus, the fresh air and sunshine is my disinfectant/(healer) as well:  recently read this in Awake! March 2015 excerpt: (my highlights)

 The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes that natural ventilation, which includes outside air flowing through a building, is important for infection control. Indeed, WHO guidelines published in 2009 encourage use of such natural ventilation as an effective measure in reducing the risk of infection at health-care facilities.

Studies conducted at a United Kingdom Ministry of Defence site provide some answers. Scientists there were trying to establish how long the air would remain dangerous if a biological weapon armed with harmful bacteria were exploded over London. To determine the viability of airborne pathogens, the researchers anchored E. coli microorganisms to threads of spider silk and exposed them to the open air. The experiment was performed at night, since it was known that sunlight kills these bacteria. What were the results?

Some two hours later, nearly all the bacteria were dead. Yet, when the bacteria were kept in a closed box in the same location and at the same temperature and humidity, most of them were still alive past the two-hour mark. Why? Evidently, something about being in the open air kills germs. This so-called open-air factor has not been clearly identified. However, researchers point to a compound that occurs naturally in open air and that “acts as a natural disinfectant against pathogens or germs that lurk in the atmosphere.”

Sunlight also has natural disinfecting properties. The Journal of Hospital Infection explains that “the majority of microbes that cause airborne infections cannot tolerate sunlight.

 My beloved/(country) grandma, resting in PEACE, Ella Mae Love-Wil—-, liked/sang this song & it (always) reminds me of Her (and Other Loved Ones! and my (long-gone) city youth and past New Hampshire Mountain family (camping) vacations)!



(published 12/30/14 @ 11:43 a.m.)

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Listening Baby?? It’s the LOVE Frequency!

I’m NOT! tuning in…to…the hate frequency blaring VERYLOUD out there…among the “sick” elements (included non-compassionate media, government, business, religion) of this world and the non-compassionate promoters/pitchers of the hate culture!

You know: the violence promoters, war mongers, sick seed-ers, greedy eaters/gotta hav-ers, etc…the takers taking “it”–whatever it is for the selfish taking from beautiful-breathing-fragile-life including our beautiful planet’s precious resources. The users using and throwing…precious people/resources away…in a brazen/wanton manner/lifestyle. (Sadly, globally people are inhumanely being stripped of all their value/dignity/decency.) That/this saddens me.:(

I’m talking/walking L<3ve…that’s my choice.

We all need healing. The process is deep. Don’t we all want to feel/be appreciated/valued/dignified/respected as fellow-breathing-fragile-life on this planet?

For me, (healing) it’s a spiritual thing. Flowing/(following) spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically…a compassion course and education that i work on everyday (and with the help of the Bible)!!…in all circumstances and with all peoples, etc.

It’s work transforming/fine-tuning the mind/heart/hearing/listening to the frequency of L<3VE..yet, worth all my effort(s). Each of us has the potential to contribute to the love/agape frequency/pitch of this planet.

Do You Pitch? Are You a pitcher? (not talking baseball)…talking beautiful music of the mind/heart: 1 on-line definition/description:

the quality of a sound governed by the rate of vibrations producing it; the degree of highness or lowness of a tone.
“a car engine seems to change pitch downward as the vehicle passes you”
Another description:

Pitch is an auditory sensation in which a listener assigns musical tones to relative positions on a musical scale based primarily on the frequency of vibration.[6] Pitch is closely related to frequency, but the two are not equivalent. Frequency is an objective, scientific concept, whereas pitch is subjective. Sound waves themselves do not have pitch, and their oscillations can be measured to obtain a frequency. It takes a human mind to map the internal quality of pitch. Pitches are usually quantified as frequencies in cycles per second, or hertz, by comparing sounds with pure tones, which have periodic, sinusoidal waveforms. Complex and aperiodic sound waves can often be assigned a pitch by this method.[7][8][9] (wiki)

The importance of harmony/oneness/unity…of sound, etc. (excerpted: Music: Insight Vol. 2)

Both the Scriptures and non-Biblical manuscripts dating from before the Common Era testify to the quality of the instruments as well as the competence of the Israelite musicians. The Dead Sea Scrolls state that a number of trumpets were assigned various complicated signals to be executed “as with one mouth.” This would require not only skilled musicians but also instruments so constructed that the pitch might be regulated in order to bring them all into tune with one another. Freedom from dissonance is indicated by the inspired account of the music at the inauguration of Solomon’s temple: “The [one hundred and twenty] trumpeters and the singers were as one in causing one sound to be heard.”—2Ch 5:12, 13.

Nature of Biblical Music. The Israelites’ higher plane of morality and their superior literature, as exemplified by the poetry and prose of the Hebrew Scriptures, suggest that the music of ancient Israel most likely transcended that of her contemporaries. Certainly the inspiration for the music of Israel was far loftier than that of neighboring nations. Of interest is an Assyrian bas-relief in which King Sennacherib is represented as demanding that King Hezekiah pay him as tribute both male and female musicians.—Ancient Near Eastern Texts, edited by J. Pritchard, 1974, p. 288.

An informed source on the history of music, Curt Sachs, states: “The deep-rooted prejudice that harmony and polyphony [two or more musical parts or voices combined] have been a prerogative of the medieval and modern West does not hold water.” He goes on to say that even among primitive cultures there are many examples of music running in fifths, fourths, thirds as well as in octaves, and that among these peoples, including certain Pygmy tribes, there was a development of overlapping antiphony (alternate singing by two divisions of vocalists) into regular canon singing.

Based on worldwide research Sachs presents the conclusion that “the choruses and orchestras connected with the Temple in Jerusalem suggest a high standard of musical education, skill, and knowledge.” He continues: “It is important to realize that the ancient Western Orient had a music quite different from what historians of the nineteenth century conceded it. . . . Though we do not know how that ancient music sounded, we have sufficient evidence of its power, dignity, and mastership.”The Rise of Music in the Ancient World: East and West, 1943, pp. 48, 101, 102.

Read this @ Prince’s Facebook page: check it out IF You choose:

Here’s Why You Should Consider Converting Your Music To 432 Hz

Personally, i’m doing my own research/experimenting/evidence building on 432. 🙂 and may (reminder: the “term” may is not a promise/obligation) share results here…or not.

Let’s:) talk about LOVE

(and not the stereo-typical-media-depiction/description of lust)…man needs to be shown/taught real love and compassion. Especially man “cruel” needs to learn love.

Pursuing love literacy is not a waste of time. Love/compassion means: real living and prolongation of living.:)

love . . . is a perfect bond of union.” (Col 3:14)

Our entire globally family of beautiful-breathing-fragile-life needs unity…a perfect bond…to sustain life.

Talking love is a work in progress and will require another post…and i’ve run out of time for now…love talking will be continued…i’ll leave You with a question:

What is required for glue to stick/bond to surfaces?

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