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Sunday Shades of Nuanced Satisfaction

Sunday is usually a favorite day of mine…a day of spiritual opportunity for reflection/contemplation/meditation/

association with like-minded ones…
i’ve tried my best to be at peace with all-fellow-fragile-life (crossing my path in any manner of crossing i.e. on and off-line) and to be as generous as possible within the framework of my limitations…(though imperfectly and with God’s help, of course). (and Of course, i still need to make changes/adjustments in my attitude/speech and not complain about trivial stuff that aggravates me!!…yep, i am very much a continued work in progress!!)

(maintaining peace with Others aka trying to be helpful, kind, compassionate, and giving and forgiving…etc.)

nuanced satisfaction…or feeling like you tried your best on most fronts or at least the ones in your limited control…(i.e. the daily expected) and unexpected and tried to be a friend to all-fellow-fragile-life…and do my best to help and serve Other fellow-life when/if i am needed within the context of my present situation…aka puny role i play in this life…

just trying to live agape the best of my knowledge and know-how…(and “hopefully” without offending or hurting Other-Fellow-Fragile-Life in my process of compassion growth). IF You have been offended…i am SORRY!

PEACE fellow-sufferer(s)…:) Take comfort in trying…(to live unselfish compassion) to the best of your abilities.

today this afternoon 9/3/17


keeping my head up despite my challenges aka keeping a positive attitude (aka nuanced shades of satisfaction/joy) about stuff…helps.

Partial lyrics to a Beautiful Song…recently discovered:

A heart full of questions, a life so unsure,
I heard what you told me; I wanted more.

What you told me, I wanted more.

Unanswered questions were answered that day.

The worry I was feeling melted away.

All my worries faded away.

It’s a long road we’re going down,

But faith can make things happen.

When there’s no way through and no way round,

Faith can make things happen,

Make things happen.

2. I love what I’m learning and share what I know.
I’m ready and waiting, so here I go.

Yes, I’m ready

To share what I know.

My faith is like a fire that burns within my heart.

I’ve got to keep it burning and do my part.

Keep it burning deep in my heart.

8/3/17 @8:07 p.m.

p.s. i also have “faith” in You Reader:)…that You will continue to do the compassionate thing (regardless of any unjust/seemingly unfair treatment by the many or by the few)…even when no one is watching…or completely appreciates what You do or who You are…

God Knows…
beautiful hearts

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Sickness and Sadness

Obvious observation (by me)

there are a LOT [of] sick-nesses…(each with sad-specific symptoms/sufferings) 🙁



(at times; a HIGH place of utter loneliness and misunderstanding…rejection and hatred (by the many and the masked))…

above-see level…

(living (?); yep. existing/operating/functioning/working…(compassion))


lowliness of mind/humility…brings you there (spiritually) high–ALTITUDE!


let’s go fly









stormy days…..pass away


8/28/17 @ 3:17 p.m.


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H.F.T…Harvesting, Funneling, and Trapping

To keep themselves warm during cold weather, butterflies spread their wings in the sun. The wings of some species of swallowtail are remarkably efficient at trapping and absorbing sunlight. The insects’ secret lies not just in their dark pigment but also in the structure of microscopic, overlapping scales coating their wings. The scales, in turn, contain rows of honeycomblike holes separated by inverse V-shaped ridges that funnel light into the holes. This ingenious structure traps incoming sunlight, making the wings extremely black and warming the butterfly with amazing efficiency.

“Butterfly wings may rank among the most delicate structures in nature,” says Science Daily, “but they have given researchers powerful inspiration for new technology that doubles the production of hydrogen gas—a green fuel of the future—from water and sunlight.” [excerpted Article/my bold highlights: Was It Designed? The Light-Absorbing Butterfly Wing AWAKE! 2014]

hmmmm…a no brainer to me, YES! An innovative-intelligent-chief-builder-designer constructed/created Butterfly wings!:)

Life Lesson: Don’t underestimate any (seemingly) delicate structure/frame/form…

If Butterflies can fly/function with 70% wing damage…

IF only 30% of my life is chaos/problem/challenge-free…i can still FLY HIGH!…survive 🙂

7/18/17 @ 9:14 p.m.


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Pressure Cooker

Do You ever feel
inadequate? or not quite skilled enough
for the raw thrown at You??

(reality) pressure points..most of us have them..(feel them, eh?)

the minor and MAJOR momentary (seemingly relentless) challenges..(the circumstances, etc/the pot we find ourselves in)

key?…not reaching my boiling point! (or is it: finding contentment in chaos)

the refining process…(of clay life underway)

is a pressurized person tender/sterilized?…(clean spiritually speaking)

my simple symbolism…letting off a little steam.

Do i need a cup of tea?…this morning..(and better metaphors;)
(feeling poured out?)

cultivating self-control? not gonna raise my voice…just my words, huh?

3/24/17 @ 9:47 a.m.

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Fundamental Human Rights Joan Winifred never giving up!











*it’s my blog and i will write what i want to…

you would write




happened to



happily exercising my fundamental rights as fragile-life!!!:)…to write: (and laugh)


…cut it out?!…stop being a twerp -lol…make me:






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Big yawn…i’m tired, I’m half awake… reading stuff & watching

A fitness infomercial… the exercise and portion control looks good…

Various colored containers for protein, veggies, etc…cheese

Yummy cheese

Too early to eat or drink… not hungry  and I may go back to sleep

Though (that may be irresponsible)

My mountains of work beckon loudly…

The thing about exercise is you have to keep your body guessing… or you plateau

Same with brain

I sorta fear plateau..sorta… is that a real fear? sure… Uh-oh… Is plateau progress?… inevitable?

This post stinks-lol:)… as in no rhyme nor reason

(I mean that’s what communicators do…communicate)

Do I have anything of value to communicate?? Today?? June 17th…where did this month go?

I have so many goals and positive things I want to accomplish each day…I can’t get it all done and that frustrates me!!… too much on my plate everyday..

But I console myself and tend to my wounds by knowing:

When it comes to my interactions of compassion And/or acts of compassion..people take priority… caring takes priority

I’m pursuing peace with everyone I can… meaning possible… within my control

I can’t wait to see my Mom & Bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it’s so hard to be apart from those you love..(and for years)…I feel for those who have lost loved ones in death… but, sometimes distance feels like it (death)… when you never see someone or never run into them…

I’m already sad anticipating how I will let them leave aka going back to life without getting to see them regularly…

Processing pain and hope

That’s the thrust of this, eh?

IF any one is reading this..WOW..i’m sure you’re yawning 2 -lol:)

Colored containers of various sizes… everything in proper portions…wouldn’t life be so easy IF that was the solution??… may be it is with some things?

A HUGE container Green: HAPPINESS, Peace, Compassion, loved ones never leaving…

for me & You

All of a sudden: I’m starving… physically & spiritually:

I know you by name.—Ex. 33:17.

Gotta go… don’t want to miss SUNRISE:)

(don’t wanna miss you)


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Chasing Carrot(s)

what am i doing to my brain?? (taking a care of it, right? nurturing it?)

MY MIND IS PERPETUALLY HUNGRY…it can never get enough. (spiritual sustenance is in high demand…my drug of choice: the Bible)…playing “i can’t get NO satisfaction”... fuzzy/meticulous work.

what am i doing to my body?? (pummeling it! (neglecting it?) my body is a slave to my mind…and its logic aka manipulation; its mandate: “feed me first!!!”)…leading me in the (“spiritual”) way to go..

what kinda geek hangs out at library EVERY DAY??! (66 & brick = mentally & physically)…and drags her kids there…though, they run;)

what am i doing to my brain? time crunching, topic crunching, teeth crunching CARROT!

carrot=chemistry, abstraction, rhyme time aka poetry, regularities, observation…TRUTH!…seeking (at the moment) carrot…

{study, study, study, learn, learn, learn, write, write, write…night, night, night…fright! @ work over-load}

“simplicity within complexity”

my commitment to be committed

(duh! to the acquisition of accuracy)

Can’t get?…YES! 🙂

(off to my daily pilgrimage)

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Science Fact & Spiritual Fact = Truth (Part 1)

i heard an awesome “sermon” better known as spiritually encouraging talk…1 point made: “truth” is a system of beliefs based on facts or “truth” is a body of real events and proven facts.

Credulity and genuine faith are not the same. Actual faith is built over time and is based on clear EVIDENCE!

(Science fiction is not science fact.)

Excerpts from an interesting NPR article: Why Reporting On Scientific Research May Warp Findings,

 The pressure to publish original research can mean scientists are neglecting to verify the work of others. In its current issue, the journal Social Psychology is trying a different approach.

Steven INSKEEP: Okay. So what’s wrong with a pressure to publish particular findings as you discover them?

VEDANTAM: Well, the problem is that the incentives in science today are all about breaking new ground, and there’s much less incentive to making sure that the ground you’re standing on is actually solid. Most people think about science as being about breakthroughs, but science really is about the gradual accumulation of knowledge and retesting what we think we know.

BRIAN NOSEK: The issues are pervasive in every science. Scientists are rewarded for publication over accuracy. There isn’t a culture of replication across most disciplines. We’re not rewarded for redoing what someone else does. The main reward is for doing something novel. (Psychologist Brian Nosek of the University of Virginia.)

VEDANTAM: It can make or break your career, and so especially if you’re a young researcher the pressure to come up with a publication is extraordinary. Now, Nosek is the editor of a journal called Social Psychology and this is a field where some recent results have been called into question. And the way that journals typically work is the scientist does a study, writes it up, sends it to the journal, journal sends out the study to peer reviewers who review the study.

And if they give the okay, the journal considers it for publication. Nosek thinks this model creates perverse incentives, because if a study confirms an older result, the journals tend to say, well, we knew that already, it’s not a novel finding and they’re less inclined to publish it. Now, if the replication contradicts an earlier finding, where the journal sends out the study to the peer reviewers, some of the peer reviewers might have been the researchers who conducted the original study and they can now find ways to shoot down the study and reject the study and say we shouldn’t be publishing it anyway.

And so what this does is it creates a disincentive for researchers to conduct replications at all.


You know, a tendency, Steve, when we hear scientific results is to draw simplistic conclusions. Look, we have a breakthrough. Look, the breakthrough has been debunked. To me, what the replications are doing is open up questions we actually hadn’t considered. In this case the fact the replication failed in Northern California but worked in the Deep South raises questions. Is the effect due to demographics? Is it because of geography? Is it something else?

And now we are forced to be curious rather than judgmental.

INSKEEP: I guess this is a reminder that you need to keep an open mind and how subtly you can close your mind without realizing it.

VEDANTAM: And in many ways, Steve, that’s the point of science, to recognize that beneath what we think we know there are layers and nuances that are waiting to be discovered.

Hope is also about keeping an open mind…hope and/or truth…it’s layered/nuanced…like gems waiting to be discovered.

“The Bible acknowledges that life is “filled with trouble.” (Job 14:1) Today, everyone is touched by tragedy of one sort or another some people feel utterly hopeless about life, as if there were no light on the horizon, no prospect for a better future. Is that how you feel? If so, be assured that the Bible offers genuine hope—not just for you but for all humankind.” ~Why Go On? Because there is Hope!

Having a clear picture in our mind of our future reward helps us to endure, to have joy, and to make decisions. “If we hope for what we do not see, we keep eagerly waiting for it with endurance.” (Romans 8:25)~Imitate the faith of Moses

Dawn & Dusk…transitory…both bring/give HOPE of ?

Just because i may be experiencing (either) dawn or dusk (a transitory state…and/or transitioning aka the learning process)…doesn’t mean light and/or dark do not exist. At some point in time…through endurance i will reach…light.

Once hope is realized, it is no longer called “hope.”

(Hope exists…it’s not mere wishful thinking.)

Just like science fact & spiritual fact exists…

SOLID ground means trust/faith…actual legs to stand tall on!

(to be continued)


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Finals, Flowers, Farewells

Finals/farewells…last week of virtual and brick n’ mortar learning for the kids here in Port Charlotte, Florida…though, little do they (entirely) realize they will still be (home) schooling over the SUMMER…Summer school ain’t so bad–in Mommy’s relatively relaxed atmosphere…no pressure to perform perfectly, no unrealistic expectations…just expecting them to gradually go from immaturity to maturity at their personal pace of progress.

i say: LET KIDS PLAY…it’s a great teacher, eh?!

Learning/applying principles and not letter of the law type living/learning IS my goal for them….life long learners and agape livers is what we want to achieve.

Do i have enough patience??? to let them learn at their own rate/pace…some days: yes.  some days: no.

{learning takes (some) messes and i’m sorta sick/tired of cleaning up actually (literally & figuratively)…you know, the consistent-non-stop-demands of mom-wife-friend-fragile-life…etc.}

it’s exhausting but ultra-satisfying work…the constant work demands on me….and my family…and the kids…and due to our personal circumstances…


Honestly, i sorta hate grades…i sorta hate marks…aren’t marks aka scars…some teachers just don’t get it/me…i really don’t care about all the tests and grading, etc. aka LABELS and labeling..i am totally HAPPY with whatever my kids learn and whenever they learn it. They are putting forth their best effort.

Mind You, the girls have enJOYed and loved their classroom teachers, etc…and on their own wanted to express appreciation/gratitude/compassion by giving flowers…they were so Happy to pass out a bunch of flowers to the principal et al…including to my surprise: my youngest daughter…who seems to have the ability to see a lot of good in those whom others see not as-much…e.g., a certain cafeteria lady/teacher that can be very strict/and seemingly stern…slightly intimidating to adults too.

YEAH, i want my kids doing well..being kind...being compassionate…but transitory temporary comparisons..i don’t like much. They are doing fine in my value system…REAL FINE. They don’t have to be valedictorian (and)…to have a powerful/positive voice/example to their class.

STOP! DEMANDING ME/US…to conform…i NEVER will……………………..NEVER and will never require my kids to conform to this world’s standards… of whatever.

Compassion/True Agape Love is our standard…VALUE…so:

(metaphorically speaking) i SPIT at so-called academia, i SPIT at so-called media, i SPIT at demand-errrrs/oppressors…i SPIT at so-called success that requires conforming (to the popular course)…partially, cause i have an awful-green head cold -lol and partially cause…they et al… have made me sick and others too…fed up??

Seriously, how can i respect those who have absolutely no respect for compassion and differences of/in learning?!?!

Freedom is NOT forcing kids to so-call pass a one-size fits all test/measurement. (Freedom is the needed flexibility for kids to actually learn according to their individualized abilities.)

i am SUPER PROUD of all that my kids have accomplished despite adversities pecularily their own, constant challenges, putting up with us (their goofy parents and our limitations) and chronic illness in our family…and the perseverance on the part of my 15 year old son…taking a tough course he didn’t like, mountains of work…on topic totally unappealing to him…he just scaled a good portion of HIS Everest yesterday…he pulled basically an all-nighter/all-dayer to finish on time: the course and life lesson of over-coming procrastination & practicing self-discipline!!:) …he has his final exam tomorrow…poor kid and on a SUNDAY.

i LOVE YOU L-P!!!!! Good job son!!!

Anyway, to discreetly let me know…he reached it: his mountaintop… (a boy who plays my heart strings well..with his sense of humor, etc) …walks quietly up behind me, gently places a headset on my ears…and this song playing: ENJOY:)


No Losers: Fighters of Compassion: Everyday living LOVE!:)

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