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For organization/context/project perspective see 5-plus-google-plus please.

Next Entry: August 22, 2015 (republished here as 6 plus google plus
#10. 2/05/19 @ 9:28 p.m.
The way any of us see things (understand)…”perspective” takes different/multiple angles (hair styles sometimes, and patience;) to truly see, huh??  We need context, it helps (comforts learning minds)…e.g., sitting for my 12 year old daughter while she plays/styles/braids my long hair in different ways. (Her photo/Her View) We both/all (breathing-fragile-life) learn from each other! It takes willingness & courage to see/look differently..:)
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Take a Deep Breath

Fresh air and deep breathing can be good for all of us, eh? 🙂

rash and dash…can be dangerous, huh?

Though life, at times, gives us all a sense of urgency. That we are relentlessly being pushed or pulled and dragged in various directions simultaneously by various pressures and forces.

Feeling like the human yo-yo?;) Exhausting.

(lol not IF You’re a sea horse, eh?) 🙂 for corny joke context see previous post: “stiff”.

Time-lines and dead-lines are a necessary. Prioritizing and organizing a must.

Making time for the more important things keeps our lives from becoming mundane/useless/meaningless (Not meaning to be redundant, i’ve written this thought before; repetition for emphasis. ;)).

So, this small talk is about (“hopefully”) an upcoming post i desperately need some time to work on..aka meditate/think/contemplate, ponder, pray, research, and write…publish?!

THANK YOU FUTURE READER for YOUR on-going PATIENCE!! Am not saying the post will be perfect (obviously i am not;) far from!)…but will “try” “my” best to work on, complete, publish IF am able. Also, am not sure how loooonnnngggg it will take me given my “current” circumstances, health, etc.

(Have a head ache, etc. and multiple interruptions (a pet peeve that is teaching me patience, forgiveness, etc.), at times, UGH!)


in the mean time some excerpted reading: enJOY🙂 …a “spiritual” perspective/look at: speaking/”tell”ing the truth v. lieing.

Truth is like a deep breath(ing)…refreshing/life sustaining!:)

“Speak the truth with one another.”​—ZECH. 8:16.

{BTW: “Yahweh” is the Hebrew/”Jehovah” the English name of True God/Creator found in “accurate” “honest” translations of Bible.}

THE telephone, the electric light bulb, the automobile, and the refrigerator are just some of the inventions that have improved everyday life. Other innovations, though, have made life more dangerous​—gunpowder, land mines, cigarettes, and the atomic bomb, to name a few. However, there is a device that predates all of them and that has had the worst possible effect on humankind. What is it? The lie! That is, saying something that one knows is not true in order to deceive someone else. And who devised the first lie? Jesus Christ identified “the Devil” as “the father of the lie.” (Read John 8:44.) When did he utter the first lie?

It happened thousands of years ago in the garden of Eden. The first human couple, Adam and Eve, were enjoying life in the Paradise that their Creator had provided for them. Then, the Devil entered the scene. He knew that God had commanded the couple not to eat from “the tree of the knowledge of good and bad,” lest they die for their disobedience. Even so, through a serpent, Satan told Eve: “You certainly will not die [the first lie ever told]. For God knows that in the very day you eat from it, your eyes will be opened and you will be like God, knowing good and bad.”​—Gen. 2:15-17; 3:1-5.

3. Why can it be said that Satan’s lie was malicious, and what has resulted from it?

Satan’s lie was malicious because he knew full well that if Eve believed him and ate the fruit, she would die. Eve and Adam both disobeyed Jehovah’s command and eventually died. (Gen. 3:6; 5:5) More than that, through such sin, “death spread to all men.” In fact, “death ruled as king . . . , even over those who had not sinned in the same way that Adam transgressed.” (Rom. 5:12, 14) Now, instead of being able to enjoy perfect, endless life as God had originally intended, humans are doing well if they live “70 years, or 80 if one is especially strong.” Even then, life is often “filled with trouble and sorrow.” (Ps. 90:10) How tragic​—all resulting from Satan’s lie!

4. (a) What questions do we need to be able to answer? (b) According to Psalm 15:1, 2, who only can be Jehovah’s friend?

In explaining the Devil’s actions, Jesus stated: “He did not stand fast in the truth, because truth is not in him.” Truth is still not in Satan, for he continues “misleading the entire inhabited earth” with his lies. (Rev. 12:9) We do not want to be misled by the Devil. Let us, then, consider three questions: How is Satan misleading humans? Why do people commonly lie? And so that we never forfeit our friendship with Jehovah, as did Adam and Eve, how can we show that we are “speaking the truth” at all times?​—Read Psalm 15:1, 2.


5. How is Satan misleading mankind today?

The apostle Paul knew that we can avoid being “outwitted by Satan, for we are not ignorant of his intentions.” (2 Cor. 2:11; ftn.) We know that the whole world​—including false religion, corrupt politics, and greedy commercialism—​is under the Devil’s control. (1 John 5:19) We are not surprised, then, that Satan and his demons would influence men in powerful positions to “speak lies.” (1 Tim. 4:1, 2) That certainly is true of people in big business who promote harmful products and fraudulent schemes through false advertising.

6, 7. (a) Why are religious leaders who lie especially guilty? (b) What lies have you heard religious leaders tell?

Religious leaders who lie are especially guilty because they endanger the future life prospects of those who believe their lies. If an individual accepts a false teaching and practices something that is actually condemned by God, it can cost that person his eternal life. (Hos. 4:9) Jesus knew that the religious leaders in his day were guilty of such deception. He told them to their face: “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! because you travel over sea and dry land to make one convert, and when he becomes one, you make him a subject for Gehenna [everlasting destruction] twice as much so as yourselves.” (Matt. 23:15; ftn.) Jesus condemned those false religious leaders in the strongest terms. They truly were ‘from their father the Devil, a murderer.’​—John 8:44.

Whether called pastors, priests, rabbis, swamis, or by some other title, religious leaders abound in the world today. Like their first-century counterparts, they are “suppressing the truth” from God’s Word and have “exchanged the truth of God for the lie.” (Rom. 1:18, 25) They promote such false teachings as “once saved, always saved,” the immortality of the human soul, reincarnation,[…]

8. What lie will political leaders soon tell, but how should we react to it?

Politicians too have used lies to deceive humans. One of the biggest lies they will soon tell is that they have brought “peace and security” to the world. But “then sudden destruction is to be instantly on them.” So we should not believe these political leaders who say that things are improving. The truth is that we “know very well that Jehovah’s day is coming exactly as a thief in the night.”​—1 Thessalonians 5:1-4.


9, 10. (a) Why do people lie, and what are the consequences? (b) What should we remember about Jehovah?

Today, powerful people are not the only ones who lie. The article “Why We Lie,” by Y. Bhattacharjee, says that “lying has come to be recognized as a deeply ingrained human trait.” In other words, people think that it is natural and normal to lie. People often lie to protect themselves, perhaps to hide mistakes they have made or crimes they have committed. They also lie to make money or to benefit themselves in some other way. The article also says that some people have no problem lying “to strangers, co-workers, friends, and loved ones.”

13. What do we know about Jehovah, and what does that motivate us to do?

13 We know that Jehovah “is not a mere man who tells lies” and that “it is impossible for God to lie.” (Numbers 23:19; Hebrews 6:18) “Jehovah hates . . . a lying tongue.” (Proverbs 6:16, 17) If we want to please him, we must tell the truth. So we “do not lie to one another.”​—Colossians 3:9. [excerpted reading: Speak the Truth w, October 2018]

12/08/18 @ 12:38 p.m. P.C., Florida
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“a” ‘better place to play’ : patience, please

Wearing? Patience.

We all wear our values on full display, eh?!

A quality I/i am continually working on is patience…leads to harmony.

It’s a less angry/stressful/aggravating/agonizing/arrogant place to play.

More Peace🙂 easily found at the patience playgroundlot(s) less punching and petty bickering over empty words.

Patience (olive green) at play is energizing and not exhausting!

practical points on Patience:)

We are surrounded by a world in which people are often lovers of themselves, not open to any agreement, and without self-control. Those who display such characteristics are frequently anything but patient. […]

In the Biblical sense of the word, patience is more than simply putting up with a trying situation. A person with godly patience endures with a purpose. He sees beyond his own needs and considers the welfare of the one causing a disagreeable situation. For this reason, when a patient person is wronged or provoked, he refuses to give up hope for improvement in the disturbed relationship. Little wonder, then, that the Bible lists being “patient” as the first of many fine qualities that stem from love. (1 Cor. 13:4)

from my (albeit limited/imperfect) point of view: the more patience shown…indicative of depth of love; love indicative of understanding/appreciation; the more we love someone the more willing we are to be patient with/in our dealings/interactions/communications.

Patience is a wise course in numerous situations/circumstances (on & off line).

For example, please, notice these further excerpted readings:

Many everyday situations may test our patience. For example, if you feel that you have something important to say, you may need to exercise patience in order to avoid interrupting others. (Jas. 1:19) You might also need to show patience when associating with […] whose habits irritate you. Instead of overreacting to such things, you are wise to consider how [Yahweh]/ Jehovah and Jesus react to our weaknesses. They do not focus a critical eye on our minor failings. Rather, they see our good qualities and patiently observe our efforts to improve.​—1 Tim. 1:16; 1 Pet. 3:12.

Another situation that may test our patience is when someone suggests that we said or did something wrong. All too often, we may be quick to take offense and justify ourselves. However, God’s Word recommends a different response. It states: “Better to be patient than to be haughty in spirit. Do not be quick to take offense, for the taking of offense lodges in the bosom of fools.” (Eccl. 7:8, 9) Hence, even if an accusation is completely untrue, we should patiently weigh our response. Jesus followed that principle when others unjustly ridiculed him.​—Matt. 11:19.

[excerpted aforementioned readings: w 9/2018: Patience–Endurance with a Purpose]

am working on being more and more patient and…enduring with a purpose



not interrupting as a talker😉

am i patient listener?!

a patient person/friend/parent/partner/fellow-fragile-life inhabiting Earth?

am i patiently purposeful?

10/09/18 @ 3:28 p.m.

Life seems an easier going with patience & purpose🙂

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Peripheral Project(s) Due-ing Justice

Never tried to undervalue or underappreciate or turn a blind eye…(to) the peripheral (vision, the outer spots, etc)… or the unintended peripheral (project(s), etc.)…(though, peripherals can de a danger (ous) distraction,

And praying

[…] not a waste of my time, efforts, etc.???

Let’s hope–Your/(my) pride is not inoperable/inordinate.

Cause pride negates/is deadly!!!…makes ANY skill(s) ANY s0-called demo of central compassion…non-functioning/fatal.

(10/9/17 @ 11:38 p.m…musings of the tired/tried mind)
(recent edits…editing…10/14/17 @ 6:37 p.m…published)
An ancient/relevant reminder/a riveting reality check… arrogance v. humility…
(“bye, bye Saul– Hello David”)



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