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Feeling Better?

When we are individually healthy and feeling better, perhaps, our world view is improved…positive. I feel good–so things must be good. (I am feeling/getting better–so things are getting better?) I feel bad so the world’s (or at the least my personal world/universe) coming to an end.

Do we trust our own feelings as fact? As honest/real reality? Or “trusting” our current individual circumstances as fact? And can our moods/health: emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, psychological or lack thereof impact our lenses/perceptions through which we perceive/view current societal/world/global events? Or our so-called progress as so-called civilized humans?

From my, albeit limited, perspective as a flawed human: (1) We need emotional neutrality to carefully (aka logically) examine both the positives (in detail/micro-macro) and the negatives (in detail/micro-macro) with same clear/unbiased scrutiny. (2) Are we even capable, individually, of that level of pristine simultaneous analyses?!

Has science increased suffering? more or less?
Has spirituality decreased suffering? more or less?

Has spirituality increased suffering? more or less?
Has science decreased suffering? more or less?

What progress have we made with pain?

(1) emotional
(2) physical

To focus only on positives or to focus only on negatives…is that a balanced view of things?? What about false positives? What about false negatives? Both pros and cons must undergo intense analyses to garner a balanced view.

How do we define “progress”…scientifically or spiritually? both? Abundance/affluence or poverty/bankruptcy?

If so-called “good” aka “positive” “progress” can be defined let’s say within the parameters of more people are rich: aka indicative of (easy or easier accessibility to) i.e., good housing, lights on, plentiful food, clean water, latest technology, longevity of living…and there is (supposedly) less violence…hmmmm, my immediate observation/objection: how do we account for the increase and frequency of school shootings (here in US) in more affluent areas?! e. g., Parkland, Newtown, Columbine. The shooters were (relatively speaking) well-off or better-off may be materially than others (living in other places).  Scientifically speaking…the lights were on in their homes, but spiritually speaking: no lights were on in their hearts.:(

HIGHLIGHTS a “value” “values” distinction regarding “progress”…(low) lights were on, but nobody compassionate (HIGHlight) at home. Which contributes more to suffering…spiritual poverty? material poverty? both? Valuing possessions over people?

Is so-called scientific progress actually decreasing suffering overall?  and by how much?  difficult to measure?

Yes, what a scientific/technological accomplishment…we can walk on the moon–“that’s one small step for a man and one giant leap for mankind.”  What a feat? What feet?! How big of a leap for mankind really when a lot of us cannot walk around our own block without getting shot (or feeling threatened or without fear)? Kids still walk to school—sadly, some never walk home alive again!:( (School shootings have increased. Kids’ safety—increased now that school’s out for the Summer?!) We can walk on the moon, but NOT around the Earth hand-in-hand unitedly and peacefully as a loving-global-brotherhood-of fellow-fragile-life!:(

Yep, an Incredible feat IF all feet could unitedly/peacefully walk hand-in-hand globally!!:) It’s gonna take more than success in science to accomplish that “ideal”…

Neil Armstrong…An amazing accomplishment for the individual…moon walking!! Where did it get him really??…He’s dead. And, unless we humans can walk together unitedly by getting along…we have the same eventuality: death…sooner or later!

Progress? Many families have incredible knowledge and communication capabilities at their fingertips…An amazing accomplishment and for say the individual Steve Jobs…”I want to put a ding in the Universe.”…to some of us our families are our universe. (Dinging families or is it digging families?)  So, how many engage in meaningful, honest, heart-felt, face-to-face, eye-contact conversation at the dinner table fully engaged in breaking bread together?? Cell usage…has people addicted and/or locked in mind cells (prisons)…the ding: families are fragmented. Where has Steve Jobs’ technological genius gotten him? He’s dead.  If individuals and families cannot learn to cooperate and lovingly engage/communicate…families die. 🙁

Science has its limitations…it hasn’t been able to out talk or out walk death! Such a “simple” statement lol:) “LIFE NEEDED TO ENJOY ANY SCIENTIFIC ACHIEVEMENT”…Generally speaking and genuinely asking: Has scientific progress been quite significant enough??…to stall death for long?…er?…indefinitely?!

Sad Fact: Death is on our back…hunting us down collectively and individually.

i am not trying to be depressing…just realistic.  Read this before:

Norwegian poet Arne Garborg said that with money “you can buy food, but not appetite; medicine, but not health; soft beds, but not sleep; knowledge, but not wisdom; glitter, but not beauty; splendor, but not warmth; fun, but not joy; acquaintances, but not friends; servants, but not faithfulness.”

Cannot help but be slightly skeptical regarding any money messiahs as to motives…who seem to get their self-congratulatory kicks and big-pats on their backs…from throwing dirty? money to clean? up water/world or some pressing situation for the/us poor unfortunates who have no alternative but to happily guzzle down big-braggarts’ agendas of ‘Let Me Save the World through my Big-Brain Problem Solving Strategies–IF i can run/manage a billion dollar business, certainly, i can run/manage the uncertain world of billions’…Yes, there are legitimately kind/generous ones (in business and out) who set a fine example of willingly sharing practical assistance in monetary support, etc. in times of crises, disasters, etc…behind the scenes who are not seeking self-glory and not blowing a trumpet as they go. Thank You to the Genuinely Generous Ones both Rich & Poor!!:)

Quantity v. Quality

Yes, i am grateful for modern conveniences and scientific progress that make my life easier; (Thank You to those who have contributed to this!!:)…and has improved things for my fellow-fragile-life here and abroad.

Yeah, it’s comfortable to have the lights on, heat on, plenty of food on…the table…but what’s off the table IF there is no spirituality??  What “truly” raises the standard(s) of living?!

 Better is a dish of vegetables where there is love Than a fattened*(lit. manger-fed) bull where there is hatred. (Pro Verb 15:17)

To solely-narrowly attribute human’s so-called “successful” “progress” to science-technology only…seems an error in perhaps, arrogant judgment.  And to predict an overly optimistic future for humanity based on historicity of past scientific advancements alone…is like placing confidence in a phony-fortune-teller!

James Chiles says in his book Inviting Disaster​—Lessons From the Edge of Technology: “In our new world, surrounded by machines occasionally gone savage, we need to acknowledge the extraordinary damage that ordinary mistakes can now cause.” In a review of Chiles’ book, the journal Science says: “The extraordinary, accelerating advance of science and technology over the past few hundred years has been intoxicating. It fills us with a sense of nearly unlimited possibility for understanding and manipulating the physical world. [But] there is no reason to suspect that we are now any less fallible than before.”

Regarding the more dangerous technologies, Science states: “Even a tiny risk [of error] is intolerably high. For those technologies, we must insist on perfection.” But does mankind’s track record indicate that perfection is attainable? Hardly! So error-related disasters of one kind or another will no doubt continue.

But they will not continue indefinitely. God-fearing people can look forward to a future when life will not be tragically cut short because of human failure or limitations. Why? Because God, by means of his heavenly Kingdom government, will eliminate all causes of death, sorrow, and pain.​—Matthew 6:9, 10; Revelation 21:3, 4.

Does the hasty-competitive-pursuit-of-scientific-progress (and at all costs) help us develop contentment?

“Keep your eyes open and guard against every sort of covetousness, because even when a person has an abundance his life does not result from the things he possesses.” (Luke 12:15) According to this passage and Jesus’ subsequent illustration, greed is based on the foolish belief that what matters in life is how much one has. It may be money, status, power, or related things. It is possible to be greedy for anything that can be acquired. The idea is that having that thing will make us content. But according to the Bible and human experience, only God can​—and will—​satisfy our real needs, as Jesus reasoned with his followers.​—Luke 12:22-31.

Today’s consumer-oriented culture excels at kindling the fires of greed. Influenced in subtle yet powerful ways, many come to believe that whatever they have is not enough. They need more, bigger, and better things. While we cannot hope to change the world around us, how can we personally resist this trend? [article excerpt: “When Small Failures become Disasters” Awake! ’02]

This blog topic is far from complete…”hoping” to explore further aspects of “spirituality” and IF there is a God…as some of us non-blind believers…Investigators of Accuracy and Seekers of Truth may wonder:

Why does God allow Suffering?

When will it end?

Is Divine Wisdom or Divine Intervention a necessary?


6/8/18 @ 10:03 p.m.

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An ice skater, eh??

Sure, some subjects are more slippery than others, huh? Conversationally speaking, it takes ice skating skills (and mathematical precision) to glide with grace, twist and turn through taboo topics.

(Ice skating is a fun sport:)…i am looking forward to doing some later this month at a nearby rink. Yes, you can find ice (rink) in FL;))

what are you skating around joanie?…1 taboo topic (to some) creation v. evolution.

What about: any ice skating kidnappers??? Wow! For a little context check it out: have-you-been-robbed?

Isn’t there research out there somewhere about how kids need Fathers! Fathers Very Important Role played in their kids’ lives is so undermined these days it seems. (Kids need what both Moms & Pops bring to the Family table.)

The-Global-Family-of-Humanity-Needs-Unity. We need each Other–Men & Women. Unity is like a harmonious orchestra producing beautiful music. (Doesn’t a fully functioning orchestra need a Conductor??:)) Unity “bands” humans together cooperatively working for the greater good for fellow-fragile-life & Earth!

SAD! how some flawed human ideas separate us, alienate, and cause conflict, loss, etc:(

am wondering IF millions have been unwittingly/unknowingly kidnapped from their “Heavenly” Father?!

the New Catholic Encyclopedia says: “In 1950 the encyclical Humani generis [issued by Pope Pius XII] marked the starting point of a new development . . . evolution was expressly recognized as a valid hypothesis.” In line with this, A. Hulsbosch, a seminary teacher in Holland and a member of the Order of St. Augustine, has said: “We can no longer deny that, on the biological side, man originates in the animal kingdom.” And Peter Schoonenberg, S. J., a visiting professor at Duquesne University, a Catholic school, wrote: “When we now consider the genesis of the human species we meet with the lowest grade of parenthood, for the first men had no human but animal ‘parents.”

The Protestant churches are doing the same. In a letter dated “18 October, 1949,” the archbishop of Canterbury freely said: “The Christian Church as a whole has accepted the theory of evolution as scientifically established.” In the noted Protestant publication The Christian Century, Dr. Paul Holmer, professor of theology at Yale University divinity school, writes: “I confess to deep appreciation of the talents and labors that have made evolution a prevailing scientific conclusion in our time.

The Protestant Interpreter’s Bible bluntly stated their view in this way: “The reptile was content to stay in the swamp; man wanted to climb out of it. He had and still has primitive instincts against which he must struggle, for he began on the plane of the animal; but he has not been content to dwell there.”

Yes, man must crawl, climb out of the sinking swamp of scientific & spiritual lies…about God and man’s origins, etc.

 Karl Marx was so pleased with Darwin’s work on evolution that he wrote him a letter asking permission to dedicate the English edition of Das Kapital (called “the bible of the Communist movement”) to him. Openly a ninth-year school textbook published in the Soviet Union declares: “The study of the laws of evolution of the organic world assists in the working out of the materialistic conception . . . In addition, this teaching arms us for the antireligious struggle, by giving us the materialistic interpretation of the appearance of purpose in the organic world, and at the same time proving the origin of man from lower animals.” Additionally, an essay by evolutionist Julian S. Huxley on “Darwin and the Idea of Evolution” states: “To begin with, if evolution is accepted as a fact, much of the theological framework of the world’s major religions is destroyed, or is conveniently . . . represented as significant myth.” Yet, the clergy are out front in proclaiming that evolution is a fact and that the Bible accounts are merely myth. [excerpted readings: Evolution undermines Faith w 71]

Darwinian Disagreements…

When a special centennial edition of Darwin’s Origin of Species was to be published, W. R. Thompson, then director of the Commonwealth Institute of Biological Control, in Ottawa, Canada, was invited to write its introduction. In it he said: “As we know, there is a great divergence of opinion among biologists, not only about the causes of evolution but even about the actual process. This divergence exists because the evidence is unsatisfactory and does not permit any certain conclusion. It is therefore right and proper to draw the attention of the non-scientific public to the disagreements about evolution. 

Have i been programmed? or kidnapped? worse?

For the public record…i strongly disagree with Darwin & Marx & FAKE religion! People have been programmed to accept evolution as fact. Indoctrination/brain kidnapping of the young starts young…in the schools:(  (i’ve learned about this from my own educational experiences as well as that of my children in public school systems. Indoctrination (and sex ed) by government starts way before college-age and has for years.)

Carefully consider…”those in authority compel belief“…(not just speech)…(my italics)…

In the magazine American Laboratory a biochemist wrote this about his children’s schooling: “The child is not presented with evolution as a theory. Subtle statements are made in science texts as early as the second grade (based on my reading of my children’s textbooks). Evolution is presented as reality, not as a concept that can be questioned. The authority of the educational system then compels belief.” Regarding evolutionary teaching in higher grades, he said: “A student is not permitted to hold personal beliefs or to state them: if the student does so, he or she is subjected to ridicule and criticism by the instructor. Often the student risks academic loss because his or her views are not ‘correct’ and the grade is lowered.”⁠1

Evolutionary views permeate not only the schools but all areas of science and other fields such as history and philosophy. Books, magazine articles, motion pictures and television programs treat it as an established fact. Often we hear or read phrases such as, ‘When man evolved from the lower animals,’ or, ‘Millions of years ago, when life evolved in the oceans.’ Thus, people are conditioned to accept evolution as a fact, and contrary evidence passes unnoticed.

Yep, i’ve been known to buck (misinformed/misplaced/misused) authority…(like my whole life)…

When leading educators and scientists assert that evolution is a fact, and imply that only the ignorant refuse to believe it, how many laymen are going to contradict them? This weight of authority that is brought to bear on evolution’s behalf is a major reason for its acceptance by large numbers of people.

My training…cannot help being a duster and a sweeper…let’s sweep away some of the dust & dirt & filth & grime and see clearly shall we:)

An example typical of views that often intimidate laymen is this assertion by Richard Dawkins: “Darwin’s theory is now supported by all the available relevant evidence, and its truth is not doubted by any serious modern biologist.”⁠But is this actually the case? Not at all. A little research will reveal that many scientists, including ‘serious modern biologists,’ not only doubt evolution but do not believe it.⁠They believe that the evidence for creation is far, far stronger. Thus, sweeping statements like that of Dawkins are in error. But they are typical of attempts to bury opposition by means of such language. Noting this, an observer wrote in New Scientist: “Does Richard Dawkins have so little faith in the evidence for evolution that he has to make sweeping generalisations in order to dismiss opponents to his beliefs?”⁠4

In similar fashion the book A View of Life, by evolutionists Luria, Gould and Singer, states that “evolution is a fact,” and asserts: “We might as well doubt that the earth revolves about the sun, or that hydrogen and oxygen make water.”⁠It also declares that evolution is as much a fact as the existence of gravity. But it can be proved experimentally that the earth revolves around the sun, that hydrogen and oxygen make water, and that gravity exists. Evolution cannot be proved experimentally. Indeed, these same evolutionists admit that “debate rages about theories of evolution.”⁠But do debates still rage about the earth revolving around the sun, about hydrogen and oxygen making water, and about the existence of gravity? No. How reasonable is it, then, to say that evolution is as much a fact as these things are?

In a foreword to John Reader’s book Missing Links, David Pilbeam shows that scientists do not always base their conclusions on facts. One reason, says Pilbeam, is that scientists “are also people and because much is at stake, for there are glittering prizes in the form of fame and publicity.” The book acknowledges that evolution is “a science powered by individual ambitions and so susceptible to preconceived beliefs.” As an example it notes: “When preconception is . . . so enthusiastically welcomed and so long accommodated as in the case of Piltdown Man, science reveals a disturbing predisposition towards belief before investigation.” The author adds: “Modern [evolutionists] are no less likely to cling to erroneous data that supports their preconceptions than were earlier investigators . . . [who] dismissed objective assessment in favour of the notions they wanted to believe.”⁠So, because of having committed themselves to evolution, and a desire to further their careers, some scientists will not admit the possibility of error. Instead, they work to justify preconceived ideas rather than acknowledge possibly damaging facts.

Similarly, a professor of anthropology, Anthony Ostric, criticized his scientific colleagues for declaring “as a fact” that man descended from apelike creatures. He said that “at best it is only a hypothesis and not a well-supported one at that.” He noted that “there is no evidence that man has not remained essentially the same since the first evidence of his appearance.” The anthropologist said that the vast body of professionals have fallen in behind those who promote evolution “for fear of not being declared serious scholars or of being rejected from serious academic circles.”⁠10 In this regard, Hoyle and Wickramasing he also comment: “You either believe the concepts or you will inevitably be branded as a heretic.”⁠11 One result of this has been an unwillingness by many scientists to investigate the creation viewpoint without prejudice. As a letter to the editor of Hospital Practice observed: “Science has always prided itself upon its objectivity, but I’m afraid that we scientists are rapidly becoming victims of the prejudiced, closed-minded thinking that we have so long abhorred.”⁠12

“am i willing to investigate the creation viewpoint without prejudice?” Please Reader:) do YOUR OWN INVESTIGATIVE RESEARCH…(and on any topic of interest to You personally)…don’t blindly believe anything!

OH! Beware! FAKE religion is at it again…misusing, misinforming, abusing authority…oh no?! Oh Yes– murdering the masses, and to those left alive…dictating dogma (and empowering other dictators who do dastardly deeds). [BTW: These are older excerpted readings in this post…reference below…check it out IF YOU choose…footnotes found in book.]

An additional reason for evolution’s acceptance is the failure of conventional religion in both what it teaches and what it does, as well as its failure to represent properly the Bible’s creation account. Informed persons are well aware of the religious record of hypocrisy, oppression and inquisitions. They have observed clergy support for murderous dictators. They know that people of the same religion have killed one another by the millions in war, with the clergy backing each side. So they find no reason for considering the God whom those religions are supposed to represent. Too, absurd and unbiblical doctrines further this alienation. Such ideas as eternal torment​—that God will roast people in a literal hellfire forever—​are repugnant to reasoning persons.

Further readings for Your Reasonable:) Consideration Reader…

12 However, not only are reasoning persons repelled by such religious teachings and actions, but the evidence in the Bible is that God also is repelled. Indeed, the Bible frankly exposes the hypocrisy of certain religious leaders. For example, it says of them: “You also, outwardly indeed, appear righteous to men, but inside you are full of hypocrisy and lawlessness.” (Matthew 23:28) Jesus told the common people that their clergy were “blind guides” who taught, not what comes from God, but contrary “commands of men as doctrines.” (Matthew 15:9, 14) Similarly, the Bible condemns religionists who “publicly declare they know God, but [who] disown him by their works.” (Titus 1:16) So, despite their claims, religions that have promoted or condoned hypocrisy and bloodshed do not originate with God, nor do they represent him. Instead, they are called “false prophets,” and are compared to trees that produce “worthless fruit.”​—Matthew 7:15-20; John 8:44; 13:35; 1 John 3:10-12.

13 Also, many religions have capitulated on the matter of evolution, thus providing no alternative for their people. For example, the New Catholic Encyclopedia states: “General evolution, even of the body of man, seems the most probable scientific account of origins.”⁠13 At a Vatican meeting, 12 scholars representing the highest scientific body of the Catholic Church agreed to this conclusion: “We are convinced that masses of evidence render the application of the concept of evolution to man and other primates beyond serious dispute.”⁠14 With such religious endorsement, are uninformed church members likely to resist even when, in reality, “masses of evidence” do not support evolution, but, instead, actually support creation?

14. How is the vacuum caused by false religion often filled?

14 The vacuum that this causes is often filled by agnosticism and atheism. Abandoning belief in God, people accept evolution as the alternative. Today, in a number of lands, atheism based on evolution is even the official state policy. Responsibility for much of this disbelief can be laid at the feet of this world’s religions.

15. What other erroneous religious ideas discourage belief in God and the Bible?

15 Too, some religious doctrines cause people to believe that the Bible teaches things contrary to scientific fact, so they reject the God of the Bible. For example, […], some erroneously claim the Bible teaches that the earth was created in six literal 24-hour days, and that it is only 6,000 years old. But the Bible does not teach these things. [ link: ce chap. 15 pp. 179-187

Further reading/digging for Yourself:)…table of contents: ce p. 5]


(6/6/18 @ 5:44 p.m. Florida, USA)

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50x faster

Fruit Fly…response time:

[…] Researchers found that these flies can react to a threat 50 times faster than a human can blink. “The fly performs a very sophisticated calculation, in a very short amount of time, to determine where the danger lies and exactly how to bank for the best escape,” explains Dickinson.

Scientists have discovered that one type of fly, the fruit fly, is able to make turns similar to those made by fighter jets, but in a fraction of a second. At birth, “they can fly like an ace,” says Professor Michael Dickinson. “It’s like putting a newborn baby in the cockpit of a fighter aircraft and it knowing what to do.”

Researchers filmed the flies’ aerobatics and found that they flap their wings 200 times per second. Yet, a single wingbeat is sufficient to reorient their bodies and begin an escape.

What do you think? Did the fruit fly’s aerobatic ability evolve? Or was it designed? [excerpted article: Was It Designed? The Fruit Fly’s Aerobatic Ability

Questions for Reflection:

Am i wise/willing/humble/flexible/fast/nimble/agile/calculative enough to change direction…away from danger?!
Be Safe…Keep Living/Flying Fruit Fly:)
2/27/18 @ 11:55 a.m.
p.s. a PRO VERB  27 (Positive Action to Apply)
12  The shrewd person sees the danger and conceals himself, But the inexperienced keep right on going and suffer the consequences.*(or penalty)
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Unseen Hawaiian Bobtail Squid

Fascinating creature… creating its own light…🙂

A NOCTURNAL hunter, the Hawaiian bobtail squid creates its own light—not to be seen, but to be unseen—to blend in with the ambient moonlight and starlight. The animal’s secret is its partnership with light-emitting bacteria. That partnership may also hold secrets that could benefit us, but in a seemingly unrelated way. It may benefit our health.

Consider: The Hawaiian bobtail squid lives in the clear coastal waters of the Hawaiian Islands. Light from the moon and the stars would normally make the silhouette of the creature stand out to predators below. The bobtail squid, however, emits a glow from its underside that mimics ambient night light in both intensity and wavelength. The result is stealth—no silhouette, no shadow. The squid’s “high-tech” apparatus is its light organ, which houses bioluminescent bacteria that produce just the right glow to camouflage their host.

The bacteria may also help to regulate the squid’s sleep-wake pattern. This interests researchers because the bobtail squid may not be the only creature where there is a link between bacteria and circadian cycles, or daily rhythms in activity. In mammals, for example, bacteria that play a role in digestion may also be associated with circadian rhythms. Disturbances of these rhythms have been linked to depression, diabetes, obesity, and sleep disorders. Hence, the study of the squid’s bacteria-host system may furnish insights into human health.

What do you think? Did the light organ of the Hawaiian bobtail squid come about by evolution? Or was it designed? [article: AWAKE! 2015 Was It Designed? The Light Organ of the Hawaiian Bobtail Squid]

What quality (aka survival skill) do i admire about this amazing-fragile-life?  (stealth, of course!;))

“Insights into human health”… aka en”light”enments…are found from the Divine Mind aka Creator.

11/25/17 @ 12:50 p.m.

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