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Technology Milestone

Joan Winifred

Documentation: Snapped selfie(s) (late) last night when i got home 1/12/17. Tired and feeling “phew!”/pleased with a personal technology goal/milestone reached. In some things, i’m old school. Especially, when speaking in front of people, i rely too much on paper/sticky notes as a crutch to get things just right. Forced myself to NOT have any paper notes whatsoever…and just use my moto for a quick reference when needed. Guess, i am capable of talking off the top of my head and making semi-sense?!;)


less notes make it (public speaking and/or specifically extemporaneous speaking) more conversational and natural and easier to listen.
(now IF i can edit this photo to a small size? ugh!) facing another fear?…(being under the microscope)


Happy Friday Old Schoolers & New Schoolers
1/13/17 @ 5:27 p.m.

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