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Tell me

Joan Winifred

What do you no?

No or (k)now. K?…yeah.

Really?! What do you know about love when/IF you pursue selfishness? What do you know about freedom when/IF you slave for yourself (alone)?

Understanding true love & true freedom both come with no. …conditions/limits/boundaries and promises of yes and no now.

Why fear God? (No death)…(e.g., the true god of compassion Yahweh /Jehovah and not any man-made lifeless idol)

“Keep praying for us, for we trust we have a honest conscience, as we wish to conduct ourselves honestly in all things.”

Unspoken/silent values scream and whisper in the marketplace…everywhere really..when/IF we as fragile life chose to live honesty…

(Composed 1/12/16)…valuing honesty comes with a price of self-sacrifice…1/16/16..published @3p.m.



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