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Test, test, test

Breathing-Fragile-Life caregiving choice clean Joan Winifred reality

Good thing i am NOT testy-lol:) but trying to be patient/endure in all things. Like how many tests does it take?? Have i passed ’em all yet or what?… guess NOT cause here we go again!!!

(Life on-line & off) pop quizzes/tests…of multiple “meaning” …some more significant than Others, yeah.

at times…limited time/technology issues, etc. to properly address each and every test…my work/thinking/spirituality…must be prioritized every moment to accomplish the most “good” …:)

This Is Only A Test

not gonna let myself be trapped/ensnared by the bird catcher..IF can help…

think?? this may be the missing piece of music originally accompanying previous past post(ing)…

(an observation: pursuing peace can be like catching a bird (at times))

this is a filler post…till i find/make/catch time to write more extensively about topic of “peace”…other responsibilities/work/tests? (i.e. house) right now are calling me.

Happy Week-end to You Reader:)

(hope You pass all Your tests)

6/16/18 @ 3:38 p.m.

p.s. Perhaps, will help You with Your juggling…

Juggling It All: 3 Keys to Balance Your Caregiving






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