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Joan Winifred

Have we, humans, been programmed to function as self-governing rulers? Or, put differently, is there within our DNA capacity for total self-reliance, self-governance, self-rule? Can humans rule humans? and successfully? Can we independently walk alone in life and have an easy time of it?

Some stuff studied about…[topic theocracy]

As revealed in the initial chapters of Genesis, God’s exercise of his sovereignty toward man in Eden was benevolent and not unduly restrictive. The relationship between God and man called for obedience such as the obedience a son renders to his father. (Compare Lu 3:38.) Man had no lengthy code of laws to fulfill (compare 1Ti 1:8-11); God’s requirements were simple and purposeful. Nor is there anything to indicate that Adam was made to feel inhibited by constant, critical supervision of his every action; rather, God’s communication with perfect man seems to have been periodic, according to need.—Ge chaps 1-3. (excerpted Insight Vol. 2 Kingdom of God)

The government of God is, in structure and function, a pure theocracy (from Gr. the·osʹ,god, and kraʹtos, a rule), a rule by God. The term “theocracy” is attributed to Jewish historian Josephus of the first century C.E., who evidently coined it in his writing Against Apion (II, 164, 165 [17]). Of the government established over Israel in Sinai, Josephus wrote: “Some peoples have entrusted the supreme political power to monarchies, others to oligarchies, yet others to the masses. Our lawgiver, however, was attracted by none of these forms of polity, but gave to his constitution the form of what—if a forced expression be permitted—may be termed a ‘theocracy [Gr., the·o·kra·tiʹan],’ placing all sovereignty and authority in the hands of God.” To be a pure theocracy, of course, the government could not be ordained by any human legislator, such as the man Moses, but must be ordained and established by God. The Scriptural record shows this was the case.

 […] Throughout the history of the Israelite nation, Jehovah [True God of Bible, True God of Compassion, Creator/Designer of DNA] made clear that his interest was in willing service and obedience. (De 10:12-21; 30:6, 15-20; Isa 1:18-20; Eze 18:25-32) He instructed, reproved, disciplined, warned, and punished. But he did not use his power to force either the king or the people to follow a righteous course. The bad conditions that developed, the suffering experienced, the disaster that befell them, were all of their own making, because they stubbornly hardened their hearts and insisted on following an independent course, one that was stupidly damaging to their own best interests.—La 1:8, 9; Ne 9:26-31, 34-37; Isa 1:2-7; Jer 8:5-9;Ho 7:10, 11. (excerpted Insight Vol. 2 Kingdom of God)

Questions for consideration:

Am i insisting on following an independent course in life?

Are my personal decisions stupidly damaging my best interests? (short-long-term?) Are my personal decisions damaging the best interests of Other-Fragile-Life?

What am i making? a mess of things?

Am i a critical supervisor of every action or am i a loving parent gently-guiding my kids through effective-compassionate communication?


10/26/16 @10:20 a.m.


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