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Joan Winifred

That’s okay..cause I am thirsty  too/2.  Staying critical to a healthy life-style..especially IF you are a super-active person. I was doing some research (on-line;) & not through personal experience this time…I’ve been dehydrated before/doubled over in severe pain /muscle cramps, etc in the ER) on the adverse affects of dehydration on the body/mind..mild, moderate to severe debilitating symptoms/results from a lack of “living” water…headaches to hallucinations.

IF you are a super -active person in the realm of compassion…then you already know how vital it is to replenish that spiritual keep living love. When you consider some of the horrific-shock-worthy events that seem prevalent throughout the world nowadays…i wonder IF some of these manifestations/affects are due to spiritual dehydration…resulting in hate/violence/non-compassion…

Or why are some of us so unhappy??..could some of it be…cause of too much taking…and not enough giving…check it out:

“I have desired no man’s silver or gold or clothing. You yourselves know that these two hands have provided for my own needs and the needs of those with me. I have shown you in all things that by working hard in this way, you must assist those who are weak and must keep in mind the words of […] Jesus: “There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.” (Acts 20:33-35)

for me personally…i do feel a sense of joy/satisfaction-happiness when I’m busy helping others or giving of my time/energy to those who may need something from me..even IF it’s something simple/ a friendly greeting or 🙂 or a sip of water…when you try to put what’s best for others and not just living life caring/thinking/working for yourself/what’s good for does take the mind away from any self-consuming/absorption of negative worries/concerns about your own problems…focusing on giving to others really helps me put my (small) stuff into perspective.

Current readings…about ancient occurrences:

“Though the world was young, a pall of sadness hung over the human family. Abel’s parents, Adam and Eve, were likely beautiful, dynamic people. But they had fallen far in life, and they knew it. They were once perfect, with the prospect of eternal life before them. Then they rebelled against (the God of Compassion) Jehovah God and were banished from their paradise home in the garden of Eden. By putting their own desires ahead of all else–even the needs of their offspring–they lost perfection and eternal life.” (Genesis 2:15-3:24)

spiritual dehydration symptom…? …aka lack of mature compassion…putting our own desires ahead of what’s best for everyone…human history is full of that kind of decision-making/taking…what you want when you want no matter the cost to fellow-fragile-life…look at the current sad reality..can much human suffering be avoided IF we can learn to avoid…ambition for power, or selfish-hurtful desires?

i like positive-compassionate examples that fortify my resolution to live compassion…so, I’m enjoying/reading a book full of ancient people who made wise choices: Abel, Esther, Ruth, Abigail, Samuel, Elijah, Peter..among Others. Perhaps, I’ll make an opportunity to share here..aka post some things of interest/learnings of late.

Peace Reader:) Please stay spiritually that You can stay compassionately-Super-Active!:)…continuing to make wise choices that contribute to the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual wellness of all fellow-fragile-life & earth…

everyday i’m learning..lessons in/of compassion, love, forgiveness, unity!..writing helps me evaluate/meditate..synchronize stuff..

Thanks for Reading & Thanks for Living Love every minute of every day (agape)!:)

(Published 11/05/15@11:47 A.m.)

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