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Throwing and Catching a? …Grenade!

Joan Winifred

Throwing & catching is (much like) attachment/receiving & detachment/’s communication, etc (and sport/war…for some), hmmmm?

Me?..i run with a compassion crowd..(that is great)..;compassion is not a game (amusement) for me/us…It’s pursuing peace…always! (a race of endurance/a marathon; not a short sprint/swim!)

It’s a Life – style..(more than some well-written/spelled (empty?) words of a sermon/speech…on a seemingly white/pure page…and as far as i am concerned the one/the only life-style worth living/dieing/suffering/cheering for!

Can I get a..?…C

Can I get an…? O

Can I get a … M

Can I get a…P

Can I get a…A

Can I get a …S

Can I get another…S

how about an I?

or an O

or n?

what does it spell??…Not some-silly – word-play. OKAY?

What would i catch? What would i throw?

“No one has love greater than this, that someone should surrender his life in behalf of his friends.” (John 15:13)

What kind/quality of love do any of us have IF we won’t even surrender…a? last piece of pie, first spot in line, a cookie, a chip or an opinion, or being right, a prime parking spot, or bread/water etc. to our fellow-fragile-life?!  If we won’t surrender/share/give/catch the seemingly trivial…how do we surrender a…grenade?!

It’s all about choice…”compassion” …the real runners/walkers (and not just the loud talkers)…know the real-deal: “unselfishness.”

  • In it for the glory, maybe a few chicks. Am I right?
  • But when it comes down to it,
  • you will choose yourself over them every time,
  • like you did on the first day in the pool,
  • like you did yesterday by missing muster. (excerpted on-line Quote: the movie Guardian 2006)

would you choose you??! (Only YOU can answer that ?)



(published 10/17/15 @ 4:17 p.m.)

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