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Today’s Topic: Government

Joan Winifred

an observation of mine…(as a communicator/talker)..many are concerned about government: good, bad, otherwise. This topic is on the minds’ of deep-thinking people. It’s relevant today…government. Many feel government is the cause/solution to problems facing us.

Personally, i am politically neutral. I don’t take sides in political controversies. For me, it’s a wise choice, one that keeps the peace (for the most part). I don’t let myself be emotionally dragged into taking sides in the heated debates over who’s right, who said/did what, etc.

(Think about it: does nationalism eliminate or cause problems? Does nationalism take global peace away?)

The angle that interests me…as a Bible Bible prophecy and the times/events of our modern-day, etc. The Bible speaks about government. Check it out:

2/18/17 @ 11:14 a.m.

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