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Tough & Tender

Joan Winifred

T n’ T = explosive, huh?  Certain topics (for discussion) are tough (difficult) and some tender (sensitive). Both can damage under certain circumstances…Takes a delicate touch/pen…not to offend (aka cause an eruption of anger/anxiety)!

Do You find most times, people don’t want to be “told” what to think/do? It’s tough to take: hearing what You need to hear vs. what you want to hear (i.e. have your ears tickled).  “Attention to detail is critical”…(may be that’s why i tend to over-explain things). Though, i prefer the direct route (when/IF possible)…simple/to the point/succinct.

Just a preface to today’s writings…THANKS for reading. However, You must realize the purpose of this blog, right? Have You read “Tidbits about Joan” ?’s not important reading or anything:

With courage to care and love to share: she hopes to: empower/encourage all: Breathing-Fragile-Life to face their fears, break-free from oppression in whatever form it takes and truly live love!  Come along on a beautiful journey of compassion leading to refreshment, joy, peace, happiness and longevity…the “real” life awaits You!:)

Started this blog about a year ago this month: April 2014. Wonder what i’ve learned this past year? LOTS! With LOTS more to learn, of course. In my “compassion” category (my favorite topic of communication/writing) after today’s blog: the count is “50” posts. Have not tabulated how many posts written for the entire year yet. (Who’s got the time…to crunch my numbers/organize/examine how many topics I’ve covered this past year)…and wondering how many blogs i have floating around in virtual space?? One day, perhaps, with nothing else to do, yeah right? -lol…i’ll figure that out.

THANKS to Any & All Readers:) out there..taking the time to make my writings/posts/blogs/ramblings/research/etc. a part of Your day!!!…i HOPE some small thing, You’ve found here, IS helpful and not hurtful to You!:) It’s tough to measure any impact…though, hoping it’s been positive. IF NOT…GO AWAY & STOP READING ME!:) (fy: i’m not looking for any followers/stalkers/fans/trouble…just follow compassion please.) Become/stay a loyal friend of compassion!:)

THANK You for choosing Agape Love/Compassion every minute of every day: HOORAY for YOU!

Okay, as You already know, i’m a bible geek or reverting back to 80’s (high) school lingo a “barney”…i tried finding an accurate definition of this 80’s term online. Back in the day…we/me used it to mean a: book-worm, geeky, brainy-wanna-be loves the library-type (and “slightly” cool conservative who rocks air guitar -lol;) My music selections speak volumes about me, huh –OUCH!… LOVE learning, LOVE ancient writings (i.e. Bible) that help with my modern-day living…LOVE research…comparative studies, etc. So, these writings/learning-out-loud-sharing-conversations are sorta indicative of my spiritual journey/growth/acquisition of accuracy over this past April 2014 to April 2015…& beyond; i hope!:) (Please, don’t get mad/hate the messenger!) Personally, into accurate knowledge on a wide-array of topics…is my thing kinda (and i’m not afraid to call out fake stuff posing for real stuff). Misinformation/Inaccuracies can be damaging and deadly, eh?

Okay…Wow, You’re really patient…still with me here aka reading this…today’s post:

“I was raised by parents who did not believe in God. As a young man, I had no position on whether God exists. Still, at times I would wonder about it.” John, USA

Raised by believers..and i still wonder about it.

Perhaps you have encountered facts that are difficult to explain without the existence of a Creator, such as scientific data on the finely tuned balance in nature that makes life on our planet possible and evidence that life does not come from lifeless matter.

If God exists and we are unaware of it, then we are living without knowing the most fundamental truth in the universe.

As fragile-life enJOYing this planet and aware of my “spiritual” need/hunger…i gobbled up these points from article(s) recently read: Awake! Is there a God–What difference does it make?(excerpts)


It takes time to seek out the truth about God, but clearly you can benefit from doing so. Consider the experience of Xiujin Xiao, who was born in China and now lives in the United States. He says: “Although I believed the theory of evolution, I was curious about the Bible. So I began to study the Bible with Jehovah’s Witnesses. In my last year of college, I got so busy that I had little time for what I was learning from the Bible. But I was less happy. When I again made my Bible study a priority, I found inner joy.”

What the Bible says about God: Much different than what main-stream religion says:

What Does the Bible Say About God?

The Bible’s message about God is simple yet thought-provoking—and to some it is surprising.

  • Our Creator is not an impersonal force. God has a personality and a name, Jehovah. —Isaiah 42:8.

  • Jehovah God’s existence has no beginning and will have no end.—Psalm 93:2; Isaiah 40:28.

  • God is not a stern judge, as he is portrayed by some religions. Rather, his foremost quality is love.—1 John 4:8.

  • God is interested in humans and has communicated his purpose for our lives.—Ecclesiastes 12:13; Micah 6:8.

Does the Bible reveal everything about God? Of course not. The Bible itself says that we know “just the fringes of his ways.”—Job 26:14.

I’ll take fringes…better than nothings at all. Oh, yeah some science stuff and compassion stuff, etc. to check out IF You choose.:)

Cover of the brochure The Origin of Life—Five Questions Worth Asking

The Origin of Life—Five Questions Worth Asking

What does this word “love” mean? Love has been described as the greatest need humans have. From the cradle to the grave, people strive after love, thrive in its warmth, even pine away and die for lack of it. Nonetheless, it is surprisingly difficult to define. Of course, people talk a lot about love. There is an endless stream of books, songs, and poems about it. The results do not always clarify the meaning of love. If anything, the word is so overused that its true meaning seems ever more elusive.

A·gaʹpe refers to love that is guided by principle. So it is more than just an emotional response to another person. It is broader in scope, more thoughtful and deliberate in its basis. Above all, a·gaʹpe is utterly unselfish.

Some, though, have the wrong idea about a·gaʹpe. They think that it means a cold, intellectual type of love. The fact is that a·gaʹpe often includes warm personal affection […] (fyi: Yahweh Hebrew name of God of Bible/Jehovah widely accepted “English” translation of Yahweh.)

The Bible says something about love that it never says about Jehovah’s other cardinal attributes. The Scriptures do not say that God is power or that God is justice or even that God is wisdom. He possesses those qualities, is the ultimate source of them, and is beyond comparison in regard to all three. About the fourth attribute, though, something more profound is said: “God is love.” (1 John 4:8) What does that mean?

“God is love” is not a simple equation, as if to say, “God equals love.” We cannot rightly reverse the statement and say that “love is God.” Jehovah is much more than an abstract quality. He is a person with a wide array of feelings and characteristics in addition to love. Yet, love runs very deep in Jehovah. One reference work thus says regarding this verse: “God’s essence or nature is love.” Generally, we might think of it this way: Jehovah’s power enables him to act. His justice and his wisdom guide the way he acts. But Jehovah’s love motivates him to act. And his love is always present in the way he uses his other attributes.

 It is often said that Jehovah is the very personification of love. Hence, if we want to learn about principled love, we must learn about Jehovah. Of course, we may see this beautiful quality in humans as well. But why is it there? At the time of creation, Jehovah spoke these words, evidently to his Son: “Let us make man in our image, according to our likeness.” (Genesis 1:26) Of all the creatures on this earth, only men and women can choose to love and thus imitate their heavenly Father. Recall that Jehovah used various creatures to symbolize his cardinal attributes. Yet, Jehovah chose his highest earthly creation, man, as the symbol of His dominant quality, love.Ezekiel 1:10. (excerpted: “He First Loved Us” chp. 23…Close to God)

Found the English translation of an excerpt of a/1 beautiful song…posted on this: Loving People, Loving Planet 🙂

Hope You enJOY: PEACE!:)

(published 4/22/15 @ 2:56 p.m.)

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