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Joan Winifred

Translators deserve respect! Theirs is not an easy job; for sure. Translating accurately and precisely–how do they sleep at night?! (knowing that burden/depth of responsibility)..somebody’s got to care about (words). Somebody’s got to care about (meanings).

(Communication is crucial to living!)

somebody’s got to care about language. somebody’s got to care…

(*i’m tired of caring.) So, You know what…translate/interpret this post any way you want!.…(you won’t be the first/you won’t be the last to be lost in translation)…STOP missing me much.

That’s what i gotta be…a walking compassion dictionary.

Yep, my exhaustion is apparent in my attitude, eh? (should end this NOW before writing something regrettable.)

Word choice can be a dangerous business. Cause being misunderstood can cost..MUCH.

Not everybody enjoys/knows (my) freeness of speech.

When I am weak, then I am powerful.” (2 Cor. 12:7-10)


(published 5/19/15 @ 10:o1 p.m.)

*FYI: being tired doesn’t mean stopping nor giving up!..i’ll always care & too much (for my own good).

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