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Trying NOT to be an “ID”iot!

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An “ID” iot is led along (naively or otherwise) and, at times, by pursuit of pleasure…
may be…by believing everything read, heard & seen on TV/Internet. By way of contrast:  a wise person is awakened/alert/aware of (potentially) negative influence(s)…propaganda/seduction from media/religion/government, etc.

What’s really going on?! Here in America & elsewhere…YOU know what’s going down?? Keeping an open-mind:
check out this : Interesting/fresh biblical take on events:

In the aftermath of each of the two world wars, the nations clamored for peace. After the first world war, the League of Nations was formed in the hope of bringing peace. Later, after the second global war, the United Nations became a popular hope of bringing peace to the earth. Government and religious leaders have looked to those agencies to bring about peaceful conditions for mankind. For example, in 1986, the United Nations sanctioned a highly publicized International Year of Peace. That year, leaders from many nations and religions joined the head of the Catholic Church in Assisi, Italy, to offer prayers for peace.

 Whenever it is that they are saying, “Peace and security!” then sudden destruction is to be instantly on them, just like birth pains on a pregnant woman, and they will by no means escape.” (1Thess. 5:3)

Who will make this significant future declaration of “Peace and security”? What role will the leaders of Christendom and of other religions play? How will the leaders of various governments be involved in this proclamation? The Scriptures do not tell us. What we do know is that no matter what form the proclamation takes or how convincing it might sound, it will be only a veneer.

The last book of the Bible, Revelation, talks about the end of “fake” “sick” religion that is accountable/responsible for the untold suffering of the masses of mankind because of greed/power struggles, etc.  (e.g. child abuse, genocide, etc.)

Babylon the Great, the world empire of false religion, will meet her deserved end. “Peoples and crowds and nations and tongues” will be unable to give her effective support. Already we see indications that her demise is near. (Rev. 16:12; 17:15-18;18:7, 8, 21) In fact, a lack of support is now reflected in the news media, where religion and religious leaders are increasingly coming under attack. Even so, the leaders of Babylon the Great feel that they are in no real danger. How wrong they are! Following the proclamation of “Peace and security!” political elements […] will suddenly turn on false religion and wipe it out. Never again will Babylon the Great be seen! Surely it is worth waiting patiently for such momentous events.—Rev. 18:8, 10. ~How Can We Maintain a Waiting Attitude

Power struggles between religion and government will culminate/come to climax.  1 will turn on the other…it will play out!

To me, political neutrality is wise/logical…to pursue TRUE peace/longevity of life and by staying close to those who practice compassion!:)

When a well-trained army is attacked by an enemy, the individual soldiers close ranks, that is, they draw closer to one another. They thus form an impenetrable defense.

Have You Considered?

GOVERNMENTS. Much of what we learn in the media has to do with the people and the affairs of government. Governments want to convince the public to support their policies and their officials. And because the media draw on content from the government, journalists and government sources at times cooperate with one another.

Understandably, advertisers do not want to sponsor programs that cast an unfavorable light on their products or style of management. If they do not like what a news outlet is producing, they can advertise elsewhere. Knowing this, editors may suppress news stories that cast a negative light on sponsors.

OMISSION. In arranging facts to create a compelling story, journalists often exclude details that would introduce complications or unresolved issues. This causes some facts to be exaggerated and others to be diminished. Because television anchors and reporters may sometimes need to tell a complex story in a minute or so, important details can be skipped.

More to Consider: Be Balanced in what we trust:

 PROVIDER: Does the report come from a credible, authoritative person or organization? Does the program or publication have a reputation for seriousness or for sensationalism? Who provide the funds for the news source?

  • SOURCES: Is there evidence of thorough research? Is the story based on just one source? Are the sources reliable, fair, and objective? Are they balanced, or have they been selected to convey only one point of view?

  • PURPOSE: Ask yourself: ‘Is the news item primarily to inform or entertain? Is it trying to sell or support something?’

Who really wants to be known as the village idiot?!



The Irish town of Tuam was home to the St. Mary’s Mother and Baby Home, known locally as “the Home.” A local historian tracked down documents suggesting that the bodies of almost 800 children were discarded in the home’s septic tank.

“These women were a diverse group: former prostitutes, unwed mothers, orphans, homeless women, convicts and industrial school transfers put in the care of the Catholic Church.”

“Nuns ran the facilities, known as Magdalene Laundries, on a commercial basis, doing laundry for the state, private companies and individuals. But the inmates were never paid for the work, and all profit went to the church.”

Other church-run homes pretended children were orphans and gave them up for adoption — in exchange for donations — regardless of their mothers’ wishes. The 2013 film Philomena was inspired by the of such a forced adoption. And, as government reports have detailed, the sexual and physical abuse of children at Irish church-run schools and orphanages ran rampant — and was covered up by the church hierarchy.

Before Corless uncovered the documents detailing the deaths at the Home, there were hints that something dark lay beneath the cover of the tank. Locals suspected it was a graveyard for unbaptized children or famine victims, the Irish Independent reports . And in the 1970s, more than a decade after the Home had closed, two boys opened the tank and saw that it was filled with skeletons.

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