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under? OVER?…Level-Headed?

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Under, Over, Center…leveled? balanced?
Plumb? (1 on-line description:  “exactly vertical or true”)
Under or Over…confidence can be dangerous/deadly! If any of us are either extreme…underrating ourselves or overrating ourselves…leads to unhealthy choices/actions…(because we are not being level-headed) aka choices/actions that are off…off balance.
i LOVE the book of Proverbs…for its practicality:
“When presumptuousness comes, dishonor will follow, But wisdom is with the modest ones” Proverbs 11:2…(for me: when in doubt, i sit it out.)
…also for me, i try to embrace modesty (as attitude, etc)…not just talking the way i choose to dress (modesty is sorta a protest against sexual objectification of Fragile-Life i.e. women/men)…it saddens me how some self-objectify…may be ? because of under or over confidence…can’t help but…ask: who really wants to be the “butt” of any jokes??
Life is like ice skating…(i enJOY/appreciate the beauty/discipline of this sport..and LOVE to watch it (& was AMAZED by Gordeeva & Grinkov & their skill):
“A world-class athlete, in full command of his skill and to all outward appearances in excellent physical condition, suddenly collapsed during a practice session and died. The athlete was Sergei Grinkov, a two-time Olympic gold medalist ice skater, whose career was cut short just as it started to blossom—when he was only 28 years old. What a tragedy! The cause? A heart attack. It was said that his death was totally unexpected because there was no sign of any kind to indicate that he was suffering from heart disease. Yet, examiners found that he had an enlarged heart and severely blocked coronary arteries.” (w/01 You can avoid a Spiritual Heart Attack)
“Consequently let him that thinks he is standing beware that he does not fall.” (1Corinthians 10:12)
Finding Your Balance? (Keep it.) 🙂
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