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Joan Winifred

When an athlete under fuels…performance lacks (to say the least). For the compassion athlete..un-fueling is just as important as fueling.

Fueling agape love for fellow-fragile life is crucial to compassionate actions…empathy energy is needed to perform good deeds on behalf of Others.

Under fueling or un-fueling: negativity, bias, pride, selfishness, apathy, indifference, envy, greed or our own personal weakness…reminds me of this thought read at 2 Timothy 2:22:

Flee from youthful desires.

Read this commentary on text:

Timothy was already a grown man, possibly in his 30’s. Still, foolish “youthful desires” are not always restricted by age. When confronted with such desires, Timothy was to “flee” from them. In other words, Timothy was to “renounce unrighteousness.” (2 Tim. 2:19) Jesus conveyed a similar message when he said: “If your eye makes you stumble, tear it out and throw it away from you.” (Matt. 18:9)

Tearing out and throwing away is decisive action…letting our mind’s eye constantly focus on what’s spiritually or physically unhealthy/damaging …is fueling the “hurtful” desire.  compassion corrupting influences abound…that’s why, for me, am very selective about my mind/heart food…to consistently fuel compassion.

Purposeful action is a necessary part of life.  Why can’t we be Nice on purpose? May be we would have a nicer day, eh?:)

“Do not withhold good from those to whom you should give it (or to whom it is owing or within the power of your hand) If it is within your power to help.” (Proverb 3:27)

Who can I help now/today?



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