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Universal Arrangement of Things

Joan Winifred

Knowing our place/coordinate in the scheme of things helps. Knowing our place in the universe. Knowing where we fit in (or not). Knowing what (insignificant) role we may or may not play in the Significant Arrangement of Things–matters (is important). Knowing what power or authority we may or may not possess…our limitations/our boundaries is critical to our well-being. (BTW: The universe is full of order and precision.)

Many waste a life-time on trivial pursuits (or on erroneous ideas) that do not bring/will NEVER bring true happiness, genuine satisfaction or real love or endless life to the pursuer.

check it out (“IF” You Choose) an excerpt of recent readings: (my highlights):

“For our benefit, Jehovah also reveals the truth about us, that is, about our place in his overall arrangement of things. This contributes to peace and order in his universal family. From the Bible we learn that humans are not created with the right of self-determination, to be independent of God, and that ignoring this fundamental truth will have sad consequences. (Jer. 10:23: “I well know, O Jehovah, that man’s way does not belong to him. It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step.) This is critically important to our welfare. Only by recognizing God’s authority can we enjoy peace and harmony. How loving of Jehovah that he chooses to reveal this important truth!” (excerpt: In What Ways Does Jehovah Love Us?)

A well-functioning family is interdependent…not independent of one another. As Life-Giver, God is the Father…authority figure in the universal family. “Simply put God loves us like a devoted Father loves his children.”…a devoted/loving Father is a Protector and Provider…(an arranger of things for the benefit of his beloved children).

“Let age speak, and let a multitude of years declare wisdom.” (Job 32:7)

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