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Joan Winifred

Hope (any?) & All My Readers:) had a Good Week last week!:) Personally, i’m very grateful for an incredibly special week with my parents et al!!!

Seeing my Daddy’s jet black hair now gray…wow!:) My Dad…73, remarked/raved about all “the natural beauty of Florida, but the most exquisite: his grand kids!” (My Dad has an encouraging/positive manner about the way he speaks about things/life in general.)

Having time with family is precious…especially when: family are friends and friends are family, eh? 

Being grateful for whatever You have…keeping a positive outlook…even when/IF others are/choose to be negative/unkind…(say about You and/or Your family, etc)…ain’t gonna bring me down from this HIGH!!:)

It’s sad that the internet is misused to spread gangrene…when it can be used to spread JOY & HOPE & LOVE (of all beautiful-fragile-life)!!!

(Keeping it bright…like electric light?)..i’m not selling out light..for dung. (praying to NEVER be a sell out!) Tell me: why would i ever forfeit life/compassion/peace for death/destruction/violence??

“the Roman philosopher Seneca, who was a contemporary of Jesus and a leading intellectual figure in Rome, taught that “pity is a weakness of the mind.” Seneca was an advocate of Stoicism, a philosophy stressing calmness that is devoid of feeling. A wise person may help those in distress, said Seneca, but he must not allow himself to feel pity, for such a feeling would deprive him of serenity. That self-centered view of life allowed no room for heartfelt compassion.”

“[…] empathy—the ability to identify with the pain of others—is akin to compassion.”
~excerpted from “The Tender Compassion of Our God”

i’m feeling it! Are You?

Don’t bring things down (because of a self-centered view (of life/things))…when it’s in your power to build UP (aka help in a compassionate/positive way)!

(published 5/28/15 @ 4:33 p.m.)

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