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What a Loser

Joan Winifred

Would You call me “unkind” IF ? i called… a fellow human who purposely ran over a turtle crossing the road… a “loser!” (and overly emphasized by my accent: “LoooZA!”)

Let me explain: The other day/last Saturday while out on a Daddy Adventure…Hubby and our girls stopped to help/rescue a turtle out of the middle of the road…while “safely” getting out of our vehicle…and just seconds before they are able to reach he/she…an unsafe driver (according to their eye witness reporting to me)…who can’t miss seeing the only thing in the road decides to speed up… purposely crushing/smushing the shell and killing this turtle!:(

Let me just say: this speeder is a loser…cause he “lost out on a compassion opportunity!” My Hubby and Kids were devastated/heart broken by this sad event and felt bad for not making it in quite enough time to save the slow turtle from a fast traveler. Perhaps, this person really had somewhere super important to be (a matter of life and death?) & “lost sight” of what was right in front of him.

We “try” our best (when possible) to practice this proverb 3:27:

Do not withhold good from those to whom you should give it If it is within your power to help.

Perhaps, (hopefully) slow and steady…wins the race of compassion!:) Perhaps, (hopefully) the loser found his way (eventually)…(to the road of compassion aka learning to arrive at his destination without killing anything else en route!)

(published 5/14/15 @ 5:14 p.m.)

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