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What i am doing 12/25…(most likely)

things i learned

On the so-called “holy” day: this 25th of December 2014…i will (most likely–unless i get hit by a car or anything else happens out of my control) be giving a brief bible-based talk (w/live audience…yeah, i will not (just) be talking to myself that day!;): debunking 1 myth (of many) about man…topic: “There is No Spirit Part of Man that Survives Death“…(i may edit this post aka add more info. on this topic here…once i finish composing my talk.)

Anyway, IF i have ANY readers:) out there…PEACE (Year-Round) & THANKS (Gratitude Year-Round) & stay tuned for part 2 (If i have opportunity & working computer to write):

What i am NOT doing 12/25!;)

For a little related context please see:  “In” formed & Un-in-formed

You:) have been informed…lol

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