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What i am not doing on any 12/25

education Joan Winifred

falling! Falling? Yeah, i am choosing to stand (the best i can)!…and i’m super thankful for the best present i get every waking day: LIFE!…and strong legs that keep me upright. 🙂

For me and my personal compassion walk: requires Standing UP against the commercialization of religious myths that enslave/control, victimize and pacify the masses and their monies. (Religion is big business.) i will definitely not be joining any masses at mass…even IF invited by the Pope. With all due respect: What makes this sinner-man so spiritually special and above the rest of us sinners that he gets a title and adulation?? Didn’t Jesus, the guy who’s suppose to be the Pope’s superior/boss, himself say in the New Catholic Edition of the Holy Bible:  “Do not you be called ‘Rabbi’: for one is your Master, and all of you are brothers. And call no one on earth your father; for one is your Father, who is in heaven.”

WHAT THE BIBLE TEACHES: Jesus condemned the religious leaders of his day for their love of titles and their desire for prominence. He said that those men loved “the first places at suppers and the front seats in the synagogues, and greetings in the market place, and to be called by men ‘Rabbi.’” Jesus then told his disciples: “Do not you be called ‘Rabbi’; for one is your Master, and all you are brothers. And call no one on earth your father; for one is your Father, who is in heaven.”—Matthew 23:1-10, New Catholic Edition of the Holy Bible. (my highlights)

So, i’m not falling for any holiday hoopla and religious hypocritical pomp…and here’s why: Myths of Christmas present and past:

Fact: Jesus was NOT born on December 25th.

Notice (an excerpt of) what the Vatican/Catholic newspaper L’Osservatore Romano has said:

Regarding the date when Christmas is celebrated: “The real date of Jesus’ birth, from the historical viewpoint, lies concealed beneath a veil of uncertainty as regards Roman history, the imperial census of that time and research in the subsequent centuries. . . . The date of 25 December, as is well known, was chosen by the Church of Rome in the fourth century. This date in pagan Rome was dedicated to the Sun god . . . Although Christianity had already been affirmed in Rome by an Edict of Constantine, the myth of . . . the Sun god was still widespread, especially among soldiers. The above-mentioned festivities, centred on 25 December, were deeply rooted in popular tradition. This gave the Church of Rome the idea of impressing a Christian religious significance on the day by replacing the Sun god with the true Sun of Justice, Jesus Christ, choosing it as the day on which to celebrate his birth.”

Check it out: (my highlights) What are the Facts about Christmas?…excerpt:

First, many celebrants believe that Christmas is a birthday celebration for Jesus. However, historians widely concur that the date of his birth is unknown. The Christian Book of Why notes that “the early Christians refused to set aside a date marking Jesus’ birth” because they wanted “to divorce themselves from all pagan practices.” Interestingly, the Bible gives no indication that Jesus ever celebrated his own birthday or anyone else’s. In contrast, he did command his followers to commemorate his death.—Luke 22:19.

Second, many scholars agree that most Christmas traditions have their roots in non-Christian and pagan customs. These include Santa Claus, as well as using mistletoe and the Christmas tree, exchanging gifts, burning candles and Yule logs, hanging decorative wreaths, and caroling. Regarding some of these customs, the book The Externals of the Catholic Church observed: “When we give or receive Christmas gifts, and hang green wreaths in our homes and churches, how many of us know that we are probably observing pagan customs?”

For me…a person who highly values EDUCATION(and considers myself a life-long learner-reader/researcher/progressive …tweaker)...i cannot help, but agree with the following:

  In his book TheTroubleWithChristmas, author Tom Flynn set out conclusions reached after years spent researching Christmas:

“An enormous number of traditions we now associate with Christmas have their roots in pre-Christian pagan religious traditions. Some of these have social, sexual, or cosmological connotations that might lead educated, culturally sensitive moderns to discard the traditions once they have understood their roots more clearly.”—Page 19.

  “After presenting a mass of supporting information, Flynn returns to the basic point: “One of the great ironies of Christmas is how little of its content is truly Christian. Once we dispose of the pre-Christian elements, most of what remains is post-Christian, rather than authentically Christian, in origin.”—Page 155.”

When you personally research/learn about the origins and practices of Christmas…You clearly see virtually every aspect of Christmas is NOT Christian nor Bible-based whatsoever!!
Sorry, but this begs the following tough questions:
Are so-called “Christian” celebrants of Christmas just pretenders??…You know: pretending to be Christian in name only?? or just uneducated?? Or lovers of parties and gifts vs. lovers of Christ who never went to a birthday party?!
The education i have received from The Bible (and not from the pope or from any church) has taught me to think for myself and to use my own power of reason…and not blindly follow any uneducated path.
 Just keeping it (my life) REAL…aka honest…and free from traditional burdens.
For some further context please see:  Compulsory Giving or Cheerful Giving?
or may be ? You’re singing: the Anti-Christmas song along with Joss Stone:


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