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What IF

Joan Winifred

What IF? What IF You could LIVE forever?! EVER…l-a-s-t-i-n-g LIFE??…without an ending…

“Consider what astronomer Robert Jastrow said when asked if everlasting life would be a blessing or a curse. Jastrow replied: “It would be a blessing to those who have curious minds and an endless appetite for learning. The thought that they have forever to absorb knowledge would be very comforting for them. But for others who feel they have learned all there is to learn and whose minds are closed, it would be a dreadful curse. They’d have no way to fill their time.”

i am NOT easily bored (too MUCH to do), my thirst to think/learn…insatiable (at times)…Check it out please: excerpt: Do You Want to Live Forever? (w 08)

“Whether you would find everlasting life boring or not depends much on your attitude. If you have ‘a curious mind and an endless appetite for learning,’ think of what you could accomplish in the fields of art, music, architecture, gardening, or whatever worthy pursuits interest you. Eternal life on earth would provide wonderful prospects for developing your potential in various fields of endeavor.”

“Being able to show and experience love forever would make eternal life satisfying indeed. We are created with the capacity for showing love, and we thrive when we feel loved. Sharing real love brings deep satisfaction that does not fade with the passing of time. Living forever would offer an endless opportunity to cultivate love not only for fellow humans but especially for God. “If anyone loves God,” said the apostle Paul, “this one is known by him.” (1 Corinthians 8:3) What a wonderful prospect—to know and to be known by the Sovereign of the universe! Furthermore, there is no end to learning about our loving Creator. How, then, could everlasting life be boring and unrewarding?”

Of course, ask someone sick or heartbroken or crushed and severely depressed…and who of us would want to experience anguish/pain forever..?! none of us…life now is all about handling pain in one form or another or both (emotional/physical)…managing/coping positively…but what IF…there was no more sorrow, no more pain, no more sickness…would everlasting life appeal to me then?


(published 5:21 p.m. 10/29/15)

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