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What is the Longest Distance?

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*translation: an over-exaggerated response: I found it; my lost poetry anthology.

What is the longest distance? According to this anthology title: “Time…Is the Longest Distance.”

A Note to the Reader excerpt:

Life is measured by time. We are here less than an instant in time’s constant course of birth

and death, the seasons, the mornings, noons, dark nights, and bright dawns of the world.

It is the poets who describe immortal moments in our own mortality and help us recall the eternal

eternity in which we live, where “Time is the longest distance between two places.”

May be the longest distance IS misunderstandings. When two minds/hearts cannot bridge two to one peace = Disunity of place = distance = non-intimacy = lost = a loss.

Unity. Harmony. Love. Compassion. PEACE/Understanding/Compassionate Communication/Accurate translations…time travel…bridging gaps of space/place/time/here/now/lostandfound.

Poem: From the Most Distant Time


Majestic, from the most distant time,

The sunrises and sets.

Time passes and men cannot stop it.

The four seasons serve them,

But do not belong to them.

The years flow like water.

Everything passes away before my eyes.

(The Emperor Wu of Han [Liang Wu-Ti] 464-549: Translated from the Chinese by Kenneth Rexroth)

Language, poetry, communication, translation, understanding…To be understood, to be heard, to be appreciated…those things make the heart sing and time worth enduring (even when quiet and even when loud).

If we misunderstand time/each other and squander: precious people and irreplaceable things…are lost/gone.

“Go on walking in wisdom . . . , buying out the opportune time for yourselves.”—Colossians 4:5.

Moving Onward from poetic thoughts toward more practical thoughts: excerpts: 20 Ways to Create More Time, Awake 2010

APPLY THE 80/20 RULE OF THUMB.* Are approximately 2 out of 10 items on your to-do list the most important? Might a certain job be as good as finished after you give attention to just the most important aspects of it?

This idea is roughly based on the work of the 19th-century Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto and is also known as the Pareto principle. It involves the observation that often 80 percent of the results come from about 20 percent of the effort. It has been applied to many things, but here is a simple example: When a carpet is vacuumed, about 80 percent of the dirt picked up is likely from 20 percent of the carpet, namely, the high-traffic areas.

GENERALLY, SCHEDULE YOUR MOST IMPORTANT TASKS FIRST. It will be easier to find time for the less important ones.

5 SET GOALS OVER WHICH YOU HAVE A LARGE DEGREE OF CONTROL. You have more control over increasing your skill at a certain job than over becoming president of your company.

6 ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU WILL NOT HAVE TIME FOR EVERYTHING. Favor activities that yield the most important results. What about other tasks that are urgent or that simply have to be done? If you cannot eliminate or delegate them, see if you can spend less time on them. Some unimportant tasks can wait for months if necessary, or they may not need to be done at all. Allocate as much time as possible to those activities that are related to what you feel is truly worthwhile in light of your goals.

DO THE MOST UNPLEASANT TASK AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Once it is out of the way, you will feel more energized to work through the less-challenging activities.

12 ALLOW TIME FOR THE UNEXPECTED. If you feel that you can arrive at a place within about 15 minutes, promise to be there within 25. If you believe an appointment will take an hour, allow an hour and 20 minutes. Leave a portion of your day unscheduled.

13 USE TRANSITION TIME. Listen to the news or a recording while you shave. Read while waiting for a train or riding on it. Of course, you can use that time to relax. But don’t waste it and then later fret over lost time.

WRITE AN“ACTION PLAN” consisting of all the steps involved in a project, and put these in their proper sequence.

What “little” i know/understand is: PEACE  (and of mind/heart) frees up lots of time! 🙂

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