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What’s YOUR Name?

Joan Winifred

okay..IF You read my blog regularly…You know: Joan is my first name and Winifred is my middle name…(given to me by my parents.) A lot of my closer friends call me joanie…though, Hubby has always preferred joan.

You may be getting to know me and my personality IF You read my blogs frequently…i’m breathing-fragile-life, wife, mother, friend, etc., etc., etc.,…these are descriptions of me and the roles i play in life in various relationships. However, to clearly identify me from other women, wives, mothers, friends, fragile-life out there…i’m known by my name: “joanie”…does that label completely encompass all i am…no. But, it would get confusing IF i was only known/referred to by the terms “woman” “mother” “friend”…those who actually “know” me personally & have a relationship with me and love me, naturally, use my name.

What’s Your name:) Reader?! (Do You like Your name?..i’m sure You have a Very Nice Name!…Your personal positive traits bring meaning to Your name.)
i saw this “logical” video this morning:

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