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A spider or an ant?!…hmmmmmm….;)

The ant has six legs and two antennae, while the spider has eight legs and no antennae. So how does the spider make itself appear to be an ant? Well, it runs about the anthill on six legs, and it projects its other two legs so that they appear to be antennae.

Furthermore, the spider moves its two imitation antennae quite credibly. It wiggles them in such a way that they are mistaken for ants’ antennae. This master of disguise can even imitate the jerky, zigzagging walk of ants!

The spider tries to be the perfect ant in every way, since being recognized as a resident of the anthill is vital to its safety. Within the anthill the spider receives protection from its natural enemies, including spider wasps. Songbirds, which consider the spider a delicacy, also leave it alone. Even spiders that hunt other spiders are fooled by the “antennae” of the imitator.

Yet, if a bird, lizard, or some other creature attacks the ant community, the spider quickly assumes its true identity and escapes. Spiders have better sight than ants, and they can jump, while ants cannot—all of which makes escape easier for them. ~A Spider That Masquerades as an Ant

Feeling the positive vibration, eh?..then get up and MOVE!

If spiders and ants can live together in an anthill, so can all people on this planet with compassionate government…taking the peaceful lead through example and AGAPE/compassion education!!:)

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