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YOU:) are Cordially Invited!

Joan Winifred

DEAR Reader:)
You are cordially invited to a webinar I am participating in next Monday night, February 29, 2016 7-8 p.m. Hope You can attend.

Please check out the details:


Loving Your Special Someone With A Psychological Disorder

I would like to personally invite you to my webinar with me, Chato Stewart and my wife, Joan Winifred.

I’ve drawn a bunch of never before seen Family Stew cartoons for the webinar.
This webinar is for:
Partners, families and their loved ones affected by Bipolar Disorder. A marital relationship can survive and partners can learn to thrive despite a serious mental health diagnosis. This webinar offers encouragement, comfort and, maybe, a laugh.

In this webinar, you’ll receive tips on:

– Focusing on the Positives of Life
– Harnessing the power of Humor to Heal
– Adopting a Compassion Culture
– Forgiving Freely and Trying Not to keep account of injuries
– Learning to Manage Strong Emotions: anger, rage, disappointment in healthy ways

Presented by Psych Central

***NOTE: All attendees will have the opportunity to be entered into a drawing for a fun caricature of themselves drawn by Chato.

register here:

REMEMBER: social sharing gets BONUS points toward winning a caricature…wink-wink share!

Thank You
Chato Stewart

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