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You’re a Piece…

Joan Winifred

of work!!;) uh-huh…I AM…a piece of work..but whose?? my own or somebody else’s…BOTH! what’s the problem?!  all of us–a piece of work…in progress from one moment to the next…i’m like a snow ball….are You?! of course, we all are…following a trajectory that is either gonna extend/expand our life or extinguish and melt us…for better/for worse.

Get it? ‘i’m a getting’ it aka “Armageddon”…it: understanding:..okay joanie, enough puns/word plays…basically, LOVE is the big/motivating/energizing force of the Universe…anything/anyone working in opposition or defiance to this transcending universal force–“LAW”…loses/pays! Love is a universal law kinda like Gravity…defying AGAPE love…brings ruination, damage, carnage and grief and total destruction aka no hope of future existence/life. (e.g., Paris, among other tragic examples in news: harsh reality lessons of breaking the law of love, etc.) We cannot break the law of love without tragic, sad consequences to all of us.

Come on, all of us surrender to something or someone…a chip, chocolate, threats to our well-being, greed, need…why not surrender to Compassion??

Back in ’85, back in my Youth…i made the most important decision in my life (one i have NEVER regretted)…to dedicate/surrender my Life…not to the God of Greed, not to the God of Money, not to the God of Hate, not to the God of Ego, not to the God of Me-First-always, not to the God of Status, not to the God of Selfishness, not to the God of Academia, not to the God of War, not to the God of Violence, not to the God of Materialism, not to the Popular/Trendy Gods of–sports, celebrity, fame, belly, etc., not to ANY FALSE DELUSIONAL GODS/RELIGIONS (as you know most of us slave/devote time/life to something or someone or drug or drink)…me: to the ONE/ONLY TRUE GOD of COMPASSION…the God of Love…better known as the God of the Bible/The Creator of this Beautiful Planet..with the self-designated name “Yahweh/Jehovah” (Hebrew/English translation of name)…which entails to the best of my ability to “live”…slaving for compassion every day of my life is the wisest course/use of my life in my mind/pov.

A work in progress that shapes/dictates my thoughts, my speech, my actions, my choices, my dealings with everyone…always. Hopefully this decision has helped me be a: better-ever-learning-growing-progressing human, woman, wife, mother, friend, fellow-fragile-life, etc. any role i’m privileged to play in this life.

Compassion…living/following the law of Agape Love…means in simple terms…”Loving Your Neighbor as Yourself” “Treating Others like You want to be Treated” with agape love and genuine respect…whether that neighbor is near or far…human, ant, tree, bunny…expressing care/concern/empathy…kindness to ALL! …that’s why i am a conscientious objector.  The fabric of my life is threaded/intertwined/colored by compassion…so, IF ANYONE…doesn’t matter WHO: Relative, Friend, Boss, Doctor, President, etc… wants/asks me to break this universal law of Agape Love/Compassion…i resist/refuse to the best of my ability/imperfectly! (honestly consider: Who or what do i bow to?!…money, peer pressure, husband, wife, boss, president, guy with gun, fear…or LOVE/GOD OF?!)

Is compassion your place/coordinate of being/existence?? Where am i love??

Anyway…SORRY READER for my my last post i referred to this post about “Armageddon”…here’s some more info. on this topic:

The word “Armageddon” evokes in some fear, fascination…laughter, ridicule, epic-end of world movie scenes, etc. How would You personally describe this word? According to Glossary of Bible Terms…from Revised New World Translation:

From the Hebrew Har Meghid·dohnʹ, meaning “Mountain of Megiddo.” The word is associated with “the war of the great day of God the Almighty” in which “the kings of the entire inhabited earth” gather to wage war against Jehovah. (Re 16:14, 16;19:11-21)

“And they gathered them together to the place that is called in Hebrew Armageddon.” Revelation 16:16

Megiddo was once a city in the territory of ancient Israel. History tells of very decisive battles fought in its vicinity, including some that are recorded in the Bible. Yet, none of these battles totally eliminated wickedness/non-compassion. Armageddon cannot refer to the “literal” area near ancient Megiddo. At Revelation 16:16..Armageddon is called a “place”. In the Bible, a place may signify a condition or a situation–in this
case.. Armageddon is the worldwide situation in which the nations assemble in their last stand against rule by God. They unite in opposition to Jehovah–the God of Compassion. However, as history proves…love endures…so, bible details that opposers of God’s Compassionate Sovereignty…will be cut off/basically like a cancerous tumor/destroyed…so humans/man “kind” those practicing good stuff like compassion can truly enJOY life on Earth be healed…without threats from violent enemies…that constantly attack the forces of Good….and cause Much suffering, etc.
all of humanity must ask: what situation/place do i find myself in?…most of us may automatically assume we are aligned with the forces of Good..with the forces of compassion..(humanity/we are a piece of work…but, are we/individually truly a piece of PEACE?)

We need a super-human-hero to rescue us/man “kind”  from the messes of man cruel…

11/14/15 @ 1:40 p.m.)

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