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You’re Funny…You’re “really” FUNNY: cut it out!

forgiveness Joan Winifred


Open & Closed Letter to whoever/whatever is “possibly” (i use “possibly” cause i don’t want anyone to think i’m judging)…it seems like:

harassing and/or stalking me on-line…listen i have personally nothing against you nor your methodical/strategic attention-grabbing-getting-tactics of getting/grabbing my attention…THANKS! for valuing my attention (or whatever) so much (whoever You may be) & obviously, You got my attention!…You’re a smarty!:)…a smarty “pants”…see, that’s the problem: you may need to keep it in your pants…aka learn to exercise self-control. Don’t feel bad: i’m learning self-control myself…and it ain’t easy…that’s for sure!

it’s just: sorry! you won’t be grabbing me and anytime soon….since i’m unavailable…aka a busy, financially broke, married and well provided for by my hard-working husband..a devoted mother of 4…get it, got it, good!!:)

You’re funny…you’re really funny: but cut it out and stop insulting my intelligence…what little i do have -lol:) I AM NOT going to be exploited today by anyone: THANK YOU…so stop advertising, the soft-sell and the hard-sell,  spamming, etc….for the money i don’t have, nor the time i can’t spare, nor whatever it is you desire from me, etc., etc., etc.

PLEASE continue to read and enjoy (within reason…that is) my blogs, writings, posts…hope they encourage you in your personal journey of compassion…and you don’t need to go to such great lengths…to reach me.

You’re not a failure…You reached me….and got me thinking/writing.

May be: we’re both very misunderstood communicators: so, forgive me and i’ll forgive you…Thanks!:)

as an outgoing, friendly, open, talker who doesn’t shut up for long…and who “attempts” the best i can to live AGAPE… striving to be KIND to everyone:)…sadly, some misinterpret kind as “interest” / interesting and may be ? on the flip side:  quiet, introverted, shy communicators…get misinterpreted as “disinterested” ?! /uninteresting

PEACE to YOU/ALL…obviously, i’m really nothing special…so, don’t follow me: you have more important things to do with your time: FOLLOW COMPASSION!:)

& You may be ?? selling, but i’m not buying! least, at this time.:)

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